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Christine Brown may have angered a bunch of her fans earlier this month when she hinted that she wanted some animals to die.

But there are still plenty of supporters out there.

That much has been made clear after the Sister Wives star reached out to her followers for dire financial assistance… and many of them stepped up.

Christine Brown and Daughter


Just a few days ago, Christine said on Facebook that she needed assistance.

In her private Lularoe group, the veteran TLC personality wrote the following:

"What we’re doing, what you guys are doing by helping me so much with your purchases, is you are helping me get something done.

"I can’t go into tons of information, but one of my daughters needs a surgery and I need $50,000 for a down payment for the surgery, and you guys are making it happen."

Christine Brown on an Episode

Christine didn’t specify which child was in need.

But most observers have been assuming the potential patient is daughter Ysabel, who suffers from a severse case of scoliosis.

These same observers have been wondering why Kody Brown didn’t step in to assist here, considering he’s the father of Ysabel and, allegedly, the close spiritual husband of Christine’s.

As has been well-documented, though, Kody has some pretty serious financial issues of his own these days.

Christine Brown Sits and Stares
Photo via Instagram

This is why Christine has turned to her Lularoe patrons and this is why Christine is grateful for how impressively they’ve come through for her and her family.

"What you guys are doing by helping me so much with my purchases is you are helping me get something done," Christine said this week in a new Facebook video, adding:

"One of my daughter’s needs a surgery. I need $50,000 for a down payment for the surgery. You guys are helping me make it happen.

"Thank you. $50,000 for a down was so daunting so I decided to just work hard."

Christine Brown Breaks a Sweat

Indeed, Brown has been ramping up her Facebook activity and doing all she can do spread the word of the Lularoe apparell that is available to her fans and followers.

“We’re halfway there! I can’t thank you enough for all your purchases and you helping my family," Christine continued.

"I don’t know how we would be able to get the surgery she needs without LuLaRoe. I really appreciate it a lot, thank you."

To conclude, Christine once again did not cite which child was suffering from a major medical condition — but hinted strongly it was Ysabel because she wrote the health issue is “something we’ve filmed on the show quite a bit.”

Photo via Instagram

And, for the record, Ysabel discussed getting surgery on various Sister Wives episodes.

She tried other alternatives in the past, including going to a scoliosis camp.

Alas, it sounds now as if a procedure will be required in the near future.

In May, Ysabel also confirmed her scoliosis will be a storyline on the upcoming season, becoming the first cast member to say there actually will be an upcoming season.

"To get updates [on my status]," she told a fan, "make sure you watch our show:)))”