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The fact that Kody Brown and his Sister Wives are in severe financial trouble is not a secret.

This was a major topic of conversation between the spouses themselves on the most recent season of this TLC hit.

Kody Brown Talks a Lot

According to documents obtained by The Sun, though, we now have a much better idea of just why the Sister Wives are in such dire monetary straits.

In 2018, Kody moved his loved ones from their long-time home of Utah down to Flagstaff, Arizona.

He did so prior to having sold any of the homes in which Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn resided — meaning the family was still paying off these residences, despite not actually using them.

These houses did eventually sell, but for far below their asking prices.

Kody Brown Interview Pic

As fans likely know well by now, Kody then purchased a large piece of property in Coyote Pass… but he hasn’t even started building on it yet.

Without his dream polygamous palace constructed, Kody has been forced to either buy or rent new Arizona homes for his spouses.

And they haven’t come cheap!

Kody Brown on the Finale

In their Deed of Trust obtained by The Sun, as cited above, Kody and Robyn put a down payment of $667,500 for their $890,000 home in August of 2019.

It’s a 30-year mortgage, meaning they are must make regular periodic payments until 2049

Kody also purchased a home with Christine, putting down $390,000 for their $520,000 house at the time, court papers reveal.

This mortgage runs through 2048.

Janelle and Kody Brown Together

As for Coyote Pass?

Kody dropped $820,000 on this land, with plans to split into four parcels to eventually build on.

However, as he tried to argue for consistently on this year’s Sister Wives episodes, Kody would prefer for all the wives to live in one gigantic mansion.

The wives are against this plan and no compromise or decision has been reached… so the land is just a sunk cost at the moment; it’s sitting barren.

Brown, Kody

Elsewhere, Meri rents her home for $4,500 a month, while Janelle pays $2,900 in rent.

Add it all up and Kody is on the hook for $1.8 million in Arizona real estate costs, with no real end in sight and/or no real hope to recoup these costs any time soon.

No wonder he and Robyn applied for a loan in March, you know?

Kody Brown for Sister Wives

“Financially, we’re drowning," Christine said earlier this year, with Kody admitting back then:

"Basically we’re paying four, no five mortgages with the Coyote Pass property."

In June, Christine revealed she needs $50,000 for a down payment on her daughter’s surgery.

Fans apparently chipped in to help her reach half of this goal, with no word about Kody trying to help his daughter in any way, shape or form.

He probably can’t afford to do so.

Kody Can't Handle This

The spouses, for their part, have been doing all they can to assist:

Christine has been holding multiple Facebook live sales a day for LuLaRoe, while Meri continues to peddle clothing from this retailer as well.

Janelle owns health care company Strive by Janelle and recently offered her health coach services to followers, while she’s charging $30 per Cameo video for fans that show interest.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

As for Kody?

He hasn’t said a word about these struggles and hasn’t signaled any willingness to reel in his irresponsible spending.

We really wish the women would all leave this loser.