Christine Brown Joins Cameo, Begs Fans: Please Send Me $35!

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Christine Brown is doing all she can.

We've gotta give her credit for that at least.

Christine Brown for Cameo

As has been well-documented at this point, Brown and her fellow Sister Wives are hard up for cash these days.

This isn't breaking news, of course.

In previews for the recently-completed season of this TLC series, multiple cast members admitted that the family was drowning financially.

This is what happens when Kody Brown drops $1.8 on multiple mortgages and home purchases in Flagstaff, Arizona... while leaving a giant plot of land in Coyote Pass vacant.

Christine Brown in a Jacket

Earlier this year, Christine launched a new business -- although the details behind this business remain unknown at the moment.

She's also been straight up asking social media followers for money, albeit for an important cause:

Christine's daughter needs surgery and her own dad apparently can't cough up the money to pay for it.

So what choice has Christine had but to seek alternative means?

Christine Brown is Very Sadd

Along those lines, Christine has also joined Cameo.

This is a service in which pretty much anyone can join, name their own price -- and then charge customers that price to have them film and record almost any kind of message.

Brown is charging $35 for her role on this service.

Send Cameo that amount and Christine will wish you a happy birthday... or happy anniversary... or wish you luck on a job interview.

Or anything at all!

Christine Brown Sunset Pic

"Hey!! I’d LOVE to help you brighten someone’s day or offer CONGRATULATIONS!! or HAPPY birthday!!" wrote Christine this week on Instagram, adding directly:

"GO HERE: AND get a personalized message from ME!! #cameo #happybirthday #congratulations #justforfun."

It's not really just for fun, of course.

It's for money that her family desperately needs.

Christine Brown Shows Off

Kody’s third spouse is the latest wife to jump on Cameo, as second wife Janelle is charging fans $30 for her videos.

Such a move is harmless and even kind of enjoyable.

It would be sort of cool to send a friend some message from Christine or Janelle, right?

However, Christine also begged followers to join her clothing sales team for the “amazing deal” of $500.

Christine Brown and Clothing

The problem with this is that LuLaRoe, the company for which both Christine and Meri work, is facing a lawsuit that alleges its owners are running a pyramid scheme and ripping off anyone who joins.

Yes, the occasional participant can make money by promoting the clothing line.

And, yes, Christine and Meri seem to be doing okay for themselves due to their fame and platform.

But many people shell out the $500 Christine is asking them to send... and then neverr make it back.

Christine Brown on the Wives

According to the LuLaRoe website, it costs $499 for 65 pieces of inventory to join.

Those who recruit sales consultants to their team can earn bonuses off orders made by their members.

In other words: It's possible Christine has pure intentions here, but she's basically asking strangers to possibly just forfeit $500 of their own money in order to pad her own bank account.

What nightmare all around, right?

Christine Brown Sits and Stares

“Financially, we’re drowning," Christine admitted many months ago.

As we said previously, however, at least Christine is trying to do something about this situation.

Kody, though?

We have no idea how he's attempting to dig his loved ones out of the mess he created.

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