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Kailyn Lowry has been down this road before.

That’s putting it mildly. But still. Wowza.

Kailyn Lowry Claims Chris Lopez Abused Her in Shocking Leaked DMs

Having already brought three children into the world, she knows all about the hellish final days of pregnancy. You know those days.

Those days when you’re just over the whole thing, and you want the freakin’ baby out of you so you can begin showering it with affection.

Lowry doesn’t have to dig too far back in her file to recall this.

Lux Russell Lowry

Kailyn’s third child – 2-year-old Lux – was born in August, so she also knows a thing or two about enduring a third trimester in sweltering heat and humidity.

(And without the support of a deadbeat baby daddy. More on that later.)

But despite the physical discomfort and the stress of being a single mom, Kail is enduring these final days of her pregnancy with a smile on her face.

Kailyn Lowry Ready to Pop

"Getting ready for our last family pictures as a family of four," Lowry captioned the photo above on Instagram this week.

Yes, as you can see, it look as though Kail is about ready to pop.

As is her custom, Kail has not revealed her due date, but fans have determined that she’s probably expected to give birth by the end of July.

Kailyn Baby Bump

Which means, of course, that her forthcoming bundle of joy could arrive any day now,

The due date was extrapolated from available information about the time of Kail’s conception. which was made public for a very distressing reason.

Back in October, Lowry filed for a restraining order against Chris Lopez, the father of her third and fourth children.

Kailyn Lowry is Grouchy

Court documents indicated that Kailyn had recently become pregnant with Chris’ baby.

It was around this time that Chris’ aunt announced Kailyn’s pregnancy … seemingly as an act of revenge.

Knowing that Kail was not ready to go public with the news, she decided to spoil her thunder – and even cost her a material amount of money.

Savage, really.

Kailyn Lowry in Mom Buns with Lux Russell

Not the most auspicious start to the pregnancy, and the situation has been made worse by the fact that Chris seems to want nothing to do with Kail or with his new son.

Already, Lowry has announced that Lopez will not be allowed in the delivery room on the day of his son’s birth.

You might think that with all of this going on, Kail would be sinking into a depression as her fourth pregnancy comes to a close.

Kailyn Lowry Bikini Action

But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Lowry admits that she hadn’t planned on having quite so many kids.

She revealed on a recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast that she never "would have pictured myself" as a mother of four.

Kailyn Lowry and Trio of Kids

But now that she’s come this far, it seems she’s contemplating going a little further.

"You definitely seem like somebody who would have like six," co-cost Lindsie Chrisley joked.

To the surprise of many viewers, Kail replied, "Six is my max."

Kailyn Lowry at 29 Weeks

Perhaps anticipating celebrity gossip tabloid headlines about her desire to raise half a dozen offspring, Kail added:

"I’m not confirming or denying, I’m just saying that I would not have more than six."

Given the fact that 2/4 so far are involved with Chris Lopez, that’s probably a good thing.

All criticism aside – if there’s anyone who’s up to the challenge of being a single mother of six, it’s Kailyn Lowry.

Say what you will about the woman, her devotion to her kids is unmatched in the annals of Teen Mom history.