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Meri Brown is full of self-reflection at the moment.

The Sister Wives star has typically been using her Instagram page and her Instagram Stories account to hurl subtle shade at Kody Brown.

But she took a break from doing so yesterday.

Meri Brown on the Porch

In lieu of trashing her spiritual husband for being a self-centered jerk that has constantly taken her for granted… Meri stopped and look inward.

We aren’t sure what prompted Brown’s latest meme, or why she has seemingly been taking a guilt trip of late, but it’s clear a lot is on Meri’s mind.

And she started to get it out by relaying the following Maya Angelou quote on social media:

"Every day I try to do better. See better. Say better. Talk better. Be better. I do my best."

Meri's Latest Quote

Is Meri making a direct reference to Kody and their failed marriage with these words?

Is she saying that she kept trying to mend the romance, only to continually fail? Again and again and again?

"I blow it 10 times out of 12. I ask forgiveness of anyone whose feelings I may have hurt," she continued, perhaps, again, citing the man she married in 1990 and divorced in 2014.

Concluded Meri, using the aforementioned iconic poet to sum up her feelings:

"I ask forgiveness of God. I forgive myself. And then I start again."

Meri Brown in Flagstaff, Arizona

Profound stuff, huh?

This is a very different message than the other recent ones Meri has been sending on Instagram.

Last week, the veteran TLC personality strongly hinted that her relationship is over and she’s ready for someone not named Kody Brown to show her love.

"I am free to become … to fail … to learn. I have the advantage of hope. I have the opportunity to be love … to be loved," she wrote at the time.

Photo via Instagram

As Sister Wives viewers know well, Meri and Kody have been struggling to save their marriage for about five years now.

They actually did split around 2015, during which time Meri tried to seek out someone new as a lover.

Unfortunately, she ended up being the victim of a public and humiliating catfishing scandal, as some mean woman out there pretended to be a man during her virtual interactions with Meri, duping her and hurting her in the process.

Ever since, Meri has seemed resigned to a life with Kody.

Photo via Instagram

Or at least she did, for a number of years.

On this past season of Sister Wives, Meri and Kody visited a therapist and each admitted that the relationship was as good as over.

This seemed to be a turning point for Meri, who these days spends her days wandering in the woods, posing in the sunshine and uploading cryptic posts to her Instagram account.

She’s also been working out a lot and losing weight and trying to make herself over.

Photo via Instagram

"Her weight loss and hair cut is a good sign! That’s, ‘Okay time for me!’" an insider recently explained to The Sun, noting that Meri has also taken off her wedding ring and concluding:

"Having her own life, doing fun things, finding friends is the best thing she can be doing for herself.

"She’s finding herself, what she wants and believes.

"I hope Meri wakes up and ditches this insanity."