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Jinger Duggar is getting there, folks.

Little by little, growing tiny body part by growing tiny body part, Jinger Duggar is getting closer to becoming a mother for the second time.

And she’s here with a precious update on her impending baby.

Jinger Duggar and Fam
Photo via Instagram

Earlier this week, Duggar provided her 1.3 million Instagram followers with a fresh photo of her developing stomach, along with a look at daughter Felicity and husband Jeremy.

As you can see above, Vuolo and Duggar are standing side-by-side, arms around each other, with Jinger cradling her baby bump with her left hand…

… while Jeremy holds Felicity in his right arm.

"20 weeks down + 20 weeks to go until we meet the newest little addition to our family," Jinger wrote as a simple caption to the snapshot.

Jinger Duggar on Her Gram
Photo via Instagram

Not much of an update, to be sure.

But husband and wife look mighty excited to be expanding their family in the near future, don’t they?

Toward the end of June, Jinger provided a bit more information in regard to her miraculous state.

It wasn’t entirely positive, however.

Jeremy and Jinge
Photo via Instagram

“It is hard to believe that I am already 18 weeks pregnant. Where has the time gone?” Jinger captioned a photo of herself and her 21-month-old daughter at the time, elaborating as follows:

"Morning sickness seems to be more like a thing of the past, and cravings haven’t been as intense as they were in those early days.

"I’m enjoying my maternity wardrobe and packing away clothes that no longer fit.

"I have felt a little more tired this week, making naps a necessary addition to my daily routine."

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo Photo
Photo via Instagram

Fans were quick to compliment Jinger on her look in her latest photo, including sister-in-law Anna Duggar.

"You are stunning Jinger! Can’t wait to meet baby Vuolo in 20 weeks!" wrote Josh’s wife as a comment in response to the 20-week photo.

Elsewhere, Jinger has been writing of late about mental health and how, with so much going on that can make us worry, anxiety can "be a serious struggle every day if we let it be.”

She then drew some criticism for her thoughts on this subject.

Jinger Duggar Pregnancy Pic

"Believe it or not, the Bible has a lot to say about it [anxiety]," Duggar continued.

"One of my favorite Scriptures is Philippians 4 where we are told to ‘rejoice always’ and ‘never be anxious.’ The obvious question is, how?

"And the answer is thankful prayer.”

Is it really, though?!?

Jinger Duggar Baby Announcement
Photo via Instagram

It’s rather dangerous to tell people that they can solve anxiety issues or any mental health-related issues by simply turning to the bible.

One should turn to a professional and maybe to some medication if there’s really a serious problem along these lines.

“Please don’t downplay people’s suffering," one critic responded, for example, asking Jinger:

"If I could pray my mental illnesses away wouldn’t you think I’ve already tried?”

Jinger Bump
Photo via Instagram

Pretty good point and question, isn’t it?

Still… we’re not here to jump all over Jinger right now.

We’re here to show her and her unborn child some support.

No matter what you think of some of Jinger’s views, let’s all wish her and happy and healthy remainder of her pregnancy.