The Duggars: Who's Courting? Pregnant? Next In Line? [UPDATED WITH EVEN MORE BLESSINGS!]

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Counting On is basically the reality TV equivalent of Game of Thrones:

On each show, there are roughly four million characters, and it's often difficult to keep track of who's doing what ... or whom.

The Duggars take a slightly more conservative view on coupling than the residents of Westeros, but all the same, courtships, weddings, pregnancies, and births are a big part of what keeps their core audience tuning in.

So here's a rundown of what some of Jim Bob and Michelle's kids are up to these days.

Don't worry - unlike Thrones, the Duggars won't be leaving your TV screen anytime soon. Not as long as they continue to make sure Earth's population growth continues unabated.

UPDATE: The Duggar drama never ends! We'll continue adding the latest developments to the end of this gallery!

1. The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All Here
The Duggars are an almost impossibly large family. With the adoption of Tyler Duggar last year, Jim Bob and Michelle's brood swelled to 20.

2. The Next Generation

The Next Generation
And then there are the grandkids. That number currently sits at 12 for Jim Bob and Michelle.

3. More on the Way!

More on the Way!
Of course, as is usually the case with the Duggars, there are more babies on the way. Jessa Duggar is roughly 31 weeks pregnant at the moment.

4. She's Not Alone!

She's Not Alone!
Joseph Duggar's wife Kendra is also expecting a child. The couple just welcomed their first child in June of 2018.

5. The Race Is On!

The Race Is On!
Of course, Josh and Anna Duggar still hold the record for providing Jim Bob and Michelle with the most grand-Duggars.

6. Aggressive Expansion

Aggressive Expansion
The couple welcomed their fifth child in 2018, and it doesn't look like they'll be letting up anytime soon.

7. End of an Era?

End of an Era?
But not all of the Duggars seem so eager to follow in Jim Bob and Michelle's footsteps by raising a massive family. Take Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, for example.

8. Bucking the Trend

Bucking the Trend
Jinger waited more than a year to get pregnant after she and Jeremy tied the knot, a first in modern Duggar history.

9. Heading West

Heading West
And now, Jeremy and Jinger are headed to LA so that he can focus on obtaining a divinity school degree.

10. The True Rebel

The True Rebel
Then there's Jana who has yet to marry at 29 -- an age at which most Duggars have already birthed a litter.

11. Keeping Their Own Pace

Keeping Their Own Pace
Jana's twin brother, John David, is also childless, but he just got married to Abbie Burnett, so that may soon change.

12. Cause For Concern?

Cause For Concern?
But here's what's really shocking -- for the first time in a very long time, not one of the Duggar kids is courting. At least not that we know.

13. The Numbers

The Numbers
Right now, eight of Jim Bob and Michelle's kids are married, of those, six have children.

14. A Definite First

A Definite First
But another four of them are over the age of 18 and currently single.

15. Left Behind?

Left Behind?
It's been rumored that Jedidiah Duggar courted Kendra before Joe did, but the family collectively decided she should marry his older sibling instead.

16. They Do Things Differently

They Do Things Differently
Yeah, it's pretty freakin' weird, but that's true of many Duggar customs and practices.

17. Up Next

Up Next
Fans have speculated that Jason Duggar is soon to announce a courtship, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of evidence to that effect.

18. A Meaningful Announcement

A Meaningful Announcement
Of course, if it does happen it'll be big news. With the exception of Josiah Duggar's ill-fated relationship with Marjorie Jackson, every Duggar relationship that's been announced publicly has led to marriage.

19. Happy Evidence

Happy Evidence
Josiah later found love with Lauren Swanson. And we're sure they'll contribute to the ever-growing Duggar baby pool soon enough.

20. UPDATE: Anna Is Expecting!

UPDATE: Anna Is Expecting!
Yes, we now know that Anna Duggar is expecting her sixth child with husband Josh Duggar.

21. Sharing the News

The couple made the announcement in an Instagram video starring their previous five kids.

22. UPDATE: Jessa's Bundle of Joy

UPDATE: Jessa's Bundle of Joy
Jessa Duggar recently welcomed the newest addition to her family -- a daughter named Ivy! Looks like the little lady will have plenty of cousins right around her age to play with!

23. Josh's Gender Question

Josh's Gender Question
Josh and Anna recently learned the gender of their forthcoming bundle of joy, and while they asked fans to guess the result of their ultrasound, they have yet to make that information public.

24. A Savage Roasting

A Savage Roasting
Of course, because of Josh's sex crimes, many followers passed on the opportunity to make a guess and instead urged Anna to take the rest of the kids and flee to a safer environment.

25. Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy Strikes
Sadly, all of the latest developments surrounding the Duggar clan have taken place under the pall of tragedy, as Jim Bob's mother, Mary Duggar, recently passed away at the age of 73.

26. The Matriarch

The Matriarch
A beloved figure among family and fans, Mary's greatest joys in life were her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

27. Loving Tributes

Loving Tributes
Mary's granddaughters have taken to eulogizing her on social media for their millions of followers.

28. Living on Through Her Family

Living on Through Her Family
The surviving Duggars are all committed to honoring her memory, and we would guess they feel that one the best ways to do so is to continue to create new life.

29. Namesakes on the Way?

Namesakes on the Way?
So don't be surprised of there's a new Mary in the latest crop of Duggars!

30. UPDATE, ROUND 2: So Much Baby News!

UPDATE, ROUND 2: So Much Baby News!
Folks, be glad you're not obligated to buy Christmas presents for the Duggar family because it is getting seriously difficult to keep up with this clan! Here's what we've learned in just the past few days:

31. Bun In the Oven?

Bun In the Oven?
First of all, it's possible that John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett are expecting their first child.

32. Lagging Behind?

Lagging Behind?
John and Abbie have yet to confirm the news, but they've been married for seven months, which is a long time for a married couple to be childless in Duggar Land.

33. Cat Out of the Bag

Cat Out of the Bag
On top of that, Jessa remarked on Instagram that several Duggar babies are on their way in the fall and winter. Since all the other expectant moms are due in fall, fans jumped to the conclusion that she was referring to John and Abbie! Bit of a leap, but we'll take it!

34. Another Girl!

Another Girl!
Moving on to actual, confirmed news, Josh and Anna have revealed that they're expecting a girl. We probably don't need to tell you the news received a mixed response from Duggar Nation.

35. And Another One!

And Another One!
Not to be outdone, Joseph and Kendra revealed that they're ALSO expecting a little girl. Did the couple intend to steal Josh's thunder with their timing? We sure hope so!

36. Couple Controversy

Couple Controversy
Yes, as always, there's plenty of controversy in the Duggars' world. This week saw Austin and Joy-Anna dodging questions that they're essentially in an arranged marriage.

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