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Over the past few months, Meri Brown has been distancing herself from Kody Brown.

And also from all of her fellow Sister Wives.

Meri Brown on Air

The long-time TLC personality has continuously been sharing cryptic memes and messages, all of which make it appear as if her marriage to Kody is over.

No surprise there, really.

But now some observers are asking another question, and another possibility is gaining some momentum online:

Could Meri Brown soon land her very own spinoff?!?

Meri Brown and Eyebrows
Photo via Instagram

To be clear, we have no spoken to anyone associated with TLC. We are not basing this rumor on any concrete evidence.

But let’s think about it for a moment, shall we?

Is it really that crazy? That far-fetched?

Should we really dismiss the speculation without considering why it might actually be a wonderful idea?

Meri Brown in Flagstaff, Arizona


– Ratings for the latest season of Sister Wives were way down.

Not only were ratings subpar, but veteran viewers were vocal in their dissatisfaction with the show’s storyline, as each and every episode focused on Kody trying to convince his spouses to build one giant home in Flagstaff.

And that was it.

Photo via Instagram

– Along these lines, there’s very little material remaining when it comes to the Browns.

This is not even a criticism. The show has aired 14 seasons. There’s simply not many avenues left to explore within this family dynamic.

Kody Brown sucks.

This is an opinion that’s growing more and more popular online. The series patriarch lost many fans over the course of this past season due to his self-centered behavior and the way he berated nearly all his spouses.

Kody and Meri Brown: Sister Wives
Photo via TLC

– Meri is very popular.

She has over 450,000 Instagram followers, a significant number more than any of the other Sister Wives.

She also has a large Facebook following and has been a successful LuLaRoe spokeswoman as a result.

All it would take is a majority of these supporters to watch Meri’s new show in order to turn it into a moderate hit.

Meri Brown at Peace
Photo via Instagram

– She runs a bed and breakfast in Utah.

It’s pretty darn successful, too!

So there’s a plot in and of itself, right? Meri being single, looking to mingle, and being in charge of her own business.

Who would not tune in to a series based on these story arcs?!?

Meri Brown with a Smile


– Kody would never allow it.

Could he actually axe such a program? We don’t know.

It’s conceivable that Kody wrote something into a contract with TLC that his wives can never have their own show.

But it’s also conceivable that he would just bully Meri and the other women to such an extent that they’d be afraid to cross him in this kind of manner.

Meri Brown in Red, White and Blue
Photo via Instagram

– Meri isn’t actually that popular.

Yes, we know what we wrote above. And, yes, Meri is more popular on social media than Janelle, Christine or Robyn.

But Tori Roloff has over one million followers on Instagram. Savannah Chrisley has over 2.1 million.

These are just two examples, but they are two examples of reality stars that have way more than double the number of online supporters as Meri.

Photo via Instagram


Yes, but only if Meri really loses her job.

Brown is actually doing okay financially at the moment. We doubt she would want to deal with the backlash that would inevitably come her way if she earned her own series.

But if she stops being a LuLaRoe salesperson? If the company shuts down due to an ongoing lawsuit?

Then let’s go ahead and fantasize. Yes, we say, yes: Meri Brown would agree to star in a spinoff.

And we’d totally watch!