Where is Molly Roloff Now?

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Little People, Big World has been a breakout hit for TLC for years on end for a number of reasons.

The Roloffs are comprised of adorable children. They run an interesting business on a farm in Oregon.

And they're also known for being open, honest and candid at all times. Fans really feel as if they know all of the Roloffs, you know?

Molly Roloff and Mom

With one rather prominent exception:

Molly Roloff.

The only daughter of Amy and Matt, Molly spends even less time in the spotlight than brother Jacob, who quit the aforementioned reality show in 2016 and spends most of his time driving around the Pacific Northwest.

So, what is Molly's deal? Where is she these days? And what is she up to?

Molly Roloff and Amy Roloff, Easter 2019

For starters, the 26-year old actually used to be a regular cast member on Little People, Big World.

It's true!

Just consider the following promo pic from Season 5 of the program:

Little People, Big World Throwback

Once Molly became 18 years old, however, and had the power to make certain life decisions for herself... she left Little People, Big World.

And she hasn't looked back since.

Let's take a look at all we know about Molly Roloff, shall we?

Molly Roloff at Home

In August of 2017, Molly married Joel Silvius in a ceremony held at Roloff Farms.

"J & M are seriously some of the most thoughtful, gentle and loving people I've met," their wedding photographer, Julia Green, wrote in an Instagram post back then.

"I love how highly they speak about one another, which was so evident in their vows that had us all teary eyed."

Molly and Joel reside in Spokane, Washington, which is about a six-hour drive from where Roloff Farms is located (in Hillsboro, Oregon).

Molly Roloff Wedding Picture

The couple also purchased their first home in April 2019 and invited Tori and Zach to celebrate the occasion with them.

Yes, Molly remains close with her siblings, despite having not appeared alongside them on television in years.

She's also tight with her parents, having hung out with Amy just a few weeks ago.

"My little sister Molly and her husband Joel bought a house! Congratulations to them! We had a great time in Spokane this weekend with them," Zach wrote just over a year ago.

Amy Roloff with Molly Roloff and Jacob Roloff

On the professional front?

Molly graduated in 2016 from Whitworth University in Spokane. She now works as a CPA at the accounting company Moss Adams.

Oh, ready for another fun fact?

Amy and Molly share the same birthday! September 17!

Rare Roloff Pic

"She was and is my best birthday present," Amy wrote in 2018.

"Happy Happy 25th Birthday Molly girl! I'm so thrilled we get to share this day together. The Lord gave me the best gift ever in my life when I became a mom to you and your brothers.

"I hope you have a wonderful fantastic blessed day - celebrating You."

As you can see below, meanwhile, Molly also gets in some quality time with her dad whenever she can.

Molly with Matt

Will we ever see her on Little People, Big World again?

It seems highly unlikely.

But that doesn't mean Molly isn't living her best life these days.

"Seeing this beautiful wonderful woman I get to call my daughter Molly -- I can't tell you how happy this Mom's heart was," Amy wrote after seeing her for a holiday in the past.

"It was my Easter joy. Love her and her husband Joel forever and always."

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