Jinger Duggar Shares Pregnancy Update: The Second Trimester SUCKS!

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When the world learned that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her second child, the news was greeted with the usual elation and even more surprise than usual among Duggar fans.

Many had begun to suspect that Jinger would buck the family trend of raising unfathomably big families by closing up shop after the birth of her first.

Jinger Duggar Pregnancy Pic

But to the immense satisfaction of her grandkid-obsessed mother and father, Jinger revealed in May that she's expecting another daughter.

And apparently, Jinger is intent on balancing out the crappiness of 2020 by meeting every demand of both her family and her fans.

She's been updating more often than usual on Instagram, and she's delivering the kind of in-depth pregnancy updates Duggar diehards live for.

Of course, Jinger is still the family rebel, and her pregnancy posts feature her signature brand of refreshing honesty.

Jinger Duggar: 18 Weeks Pregnant

“It is hard to believe that I am already 18 weeks pregnant. Where has the time gone?” Jinger captioned this photo of herself and her 21-month-old daughter, Felicity.

“Morning sickness seems to be more like a thing of the past, and cravings haven’t been as intense as they were in those early days," she continued.

"I’m enjoying my maternity wardrobe and packing away clothes that no longer fit.”

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo Photo

From there, Jinger confessed that the long days of growing one little human in her belly while chasing another around the house are beginning to wear her down.

"I have felt a little more tired this week, making naps a necessary addition to my daily routine," she wrote.

"Can any of you pregnant mama’s relate? What is the second trimester like for you?"

Jeremy and Jinge

Naturally, the "pregnant mamas" (and formerly pregnant mamas) who follow Jinger on Instagram were quick to chime in with kind words and support.

"I’m well beyond that stage of life, but I remember no pregnancy felt the same, and chasing after a toddler while expecting is a whole new ballgame," one fan recalled, adding:

"Take the naps."

"I will be 15 weeks tomorrow! Expecting my rainbow baby!!" another fan shared.

Jinger Bump

"My first time experiencing second trimester and love it! Naps are essential and snacking on celery have been my thing!" she added.

"First trimester was a rollercoaster of morning sickness but when people asked 'how I was doing?' I would say 'I can’t complain!'” 

We're sure that's a feeling that Felicity's mom can relate to.

Jinger Duggar with Jeremy

Jinger suffered a miscarriage last year, and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, recently opened about the heartbreaking experience.

"The morning after we announced to family that we were expecting, Jinger woke up and, woke me up very early in the morning, saying that she thought she lost the baby,” Jeremy wrote.

“We found out later that day that she had. That was very difficult and definitely a trial for us,” he added.

Jinger Duggar Baby Announcement

“Having that little one healthy in the womb, and growing strong, is so exciting," Vuolo continued.

And clearly, it's a feeling that's shared by the entire family.

“She comes up to my belly and says, ‘Baby. Baby,’” Jinger shared of Felicity's excited response.

If she's that psyched now, just wait until she meets her little sister!

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