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In a recent Instagram post, Audrey Roloff shilled for a well-known cleaning produt.

In real life, however, what the former reality star truly needs is for her reputation as a whole to be scrubbed clean.

This seems more apparent than ever these days.

Audrey Roloff and Children

The podcast host and author was lambasted by her own brother-in-law a few days ago after Audrey responded to the killing of George Floyd by simply quoting the bible.

Jacob Roloff referred to this as a hollow gesture that did nothing to advance the causes of police reform and social justice.

Specifically, he called out:

"White Christian voices [who contributed] nothing to the movement, no call to donation, no call to action; only empty gestures and fancy platitudes."

Sounds a whole lot like Audrey, doesn’t it?

Look at the Roloffs!

From there, Tori Roloff didn’t exactly throw Audrey under a bus, but she did expose a rift in their relationship.

As it turns out, Tori’s daughter has never met Audrey’s son, which would imply these relatives aren’t especially close.

That’s not a scandal of any kind, of course. It’s just a fact of life.

But now, with a new Instagram post, Audrey has seemingly committed a scandalous act… in the eyes of many critics.

Audrey Roloff Ad

"Dear moms, if you don’t have one of these on hand at all times in your kitchen… you’re missing out!" wrote Audrey this week as a caption to the image above.

Admitting that the post was a paid advertisement, she added:

#mrcleanpartner This Magic Eraser Extra Durable by @mrclean keeps our quartz counter tops stain free and gets out the tough stains in our farmhouse sink literally like magic.

Wine stains, rings from pans left in the sink, Embers paint brushes left on the counter over night, even an incident with permanent marker… 

Magic Eraser for the win!How do you use your magic eraser #unexpectedmagic.

Laughing with Ember

Why did this post draw such ire?

First, because Audrey is dressed in all white and surrounded by all white items… amid nationwide protests that support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Just seems rather tone deaf on Roloff’s part, you know?

Second, because Audrey had previously sold herself as someone who believes in organic products and as someone who cares deeply about the environment.

Hence why so many people now think she has sold out.

30 Years Old!

“Is this not the opposite of clean products in your home? I’m so confused,” one commenter wrote in response.

“You are anti-plastic and anti-chemicals but endorse this?” wrote another baffled individual.

Several astute users also pointed out that Roloff is heavily involved in Young Living, a multi-level marketing company that claims its products can help people “create a toxin-free household.”

Roloff promotes Young Living’s essential oils, cleaning products and personal care products on a separate Instagram account, @morethanoils, which has nearly 84,000 followers.

Photo via Instagram

Roloff had earlier becoming pregnant with her first child inspired her to take a closer look at the products she had in her home.

“We ditched all our toxic cleaning chemicals and personal care products and switched to safe non-toxic YL alternatives,” Roloff explained in an Instagram post.

So, what the heck happened since? Aside from Audrey being paid money to support a different sort of product?

In a defensive comment on her own post, the mother of two pointed out that the sponges, which are made from melamine foam, don’t contain “harsh chemicals just a really abrasive material!”

She failed to add that her bank account now contains more money than it did before as a result of this partnership.