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Angelina Pivarnick has been in the news a lot lately.

That’s certainly not a sentence we expected to be writing in 2020, so we guess Angelina deserves credit for having way, way more staying power than anyone expected.

Angelina Pivarnick Body

Of course, not all of the recent headlines about the Staten Island Hamster have been positive.

Much of the news, as you probably know, has centered around Angelina’s wedding.

She married Chris Larangeira way back in November of 2019, but the wedding — and the infamous bridesmaid speech delivered by Snooki, JWoww and Deena — was just featured on the season finale of Jersey Shore in May.

Angelina Pivarnick No Makeup

Of all the drama that’s gone down on Shore over the years, perhaps nothing has reverberated like the speech heard round the world.

Snooki has retired from the show as a result of the backlash, and it seems JWoww may follow suit.

Now, fans are accusing Angelina of killing the Jersey Shore franchise by overreacting to her friends’ jokes.

Angelina P.

But Mrs. Pivarnick-Larangeira (there’s a mouthful) isn’t concerned about all that.

She is, however, concerned about what people are saying about her body.

With great fame comes great endorsement deals, and Angelina has been capitalizing on her comeback by posting sponsored content for a weight loss product called Boom Bod.

Earlier this week, Angeliners posted this before-and-after photo:

Angelina Before and After

"Not even my bday could get in the way of these summer bod goals, " she captioned the pic.

"@boombod made sure of that! Everything in moderation is the way to go, and these 10cal shots help me stick with that – they are designed to banish cravings (which helps keep me from going overboard), and always give me the results I’m looking for," she added.

"Summer’s finally here so grab a program and make the most of it ladies and gentlemen!!"

Angelina Pivarnick 2020

Generally, everyone knows these endorsements are BS, and celebs get in shape using methods that us peasants don’t have access to.

There’s usually an unspoken agreement that fans will just scroll past this sort of stuff, but this time, someone decided to call Angelina out:

“I hate this,” one commenter wrote, according to In Touch.

“You didn’t get that body with that dumbass product, you got it through surgery. I don’t mind you getting surgery but pretending a fake ass product got you that result is so f–king disgusting. Shame.”

Angelina Pivarnick Lingerie Pics

Yes, this person hit her with a "shame" at the end, like she’s the bell nun from Game of Thrones.

Most stars would have ignored the call out, but Angelina’s not used to this level of fame, so she went ahead and fed the troll.

“Never got surgery on my belly. Nice try,” Pivarnick replied.

We can support that response.

Angelina on the Gram

It’s honest — after all, Angelina didn’t deny undergoing cosmetic surgery on other parts of her body — and she didn’t punch down by insulting this random nobody.

Maybe Angeliners is realizing that with Snooki and JWoww gone, she’s set to become the star on the newly-announced fourth season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

In other words, get ready to hear "um … HELLO!" a whole lot next year.

Angelina Pivarnick in Jersey

Even if Angelina’s not your cup of tea, you have to admit, she pulled off quite a coup here.

As you may recall, Pivarnick barely appeared in the original Shore series.

In fact, we’re pretty sure Danny the Shore Store guy popped up in more episodes than the self-proclaimed "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island."

Now, Angelina is poised to become the top female star on one of TV’s most iconic reality shows.

We certainly don’t blame her for cashing in by partnering with gimmicky diet supplement companies.

After all, there’s a good chance that Angelina’s window of opportunity will be narrow, and she has to make up a lot of ground if she hopes to live as comfortably as her roommates.

Angelina Pivarnick on Jersey Shore

Let’s face it — Pivarnick won’t be employable in the real world after everything she’s done on camera, and her co-stars have been raking in the big bucks for a lot longer than she has.

They might be looking to step away while she’s still stacking funds in hopes of retiring at 40.

It seems Angelina is aware of her situation and eager to take advantage of her earning portential while she can.

That explains all the thirst trap pics she’s been posting to her Instagram page lately.

(Don’t get us wrong — she looks good. It’s just interesting that she suddenly started showing a ton of skin on social media.)

And it might also explain Angelina’s hunger for extreme drama.

The rest of the Shore stars are pretty much coasting these days, but Pivarnick is still willing to stir the pot and lose her cool on camera.

It’s worked to her benefit so far, but she might have overplayed her hand with the wedding situation.

After all, if the rest of the cast quits, Angelina is out of a job.

She might be more popular than ever before, but we still can’t see MTV shelling out for a spinoff about the Larangeiras married life on Staten Island.