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It finally happened, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation viewers.

Following weeks and weeks of hype, the MTV realitiy series at last aired the speech Deena, Snooki and Jenni gave at Angelina’s wedding reception.

SPOILER ALERT: It didn’t go over well.

Jersey Shore Bridesmaids

This is not actually a spoiler for anyone who reads celebrity gossip blogs and/or follows the lives of these polarizing men and women.

Back in December, Angelina told the world that her bridesmaids ruined her big day with their roast of a reception toast.

MTV then promoted the heck out of this wedding episode, teasing the moments Snooki and company are on stage.

Angelina Pivarnick Wedding Photo
Photo via Instagram

But what, exactly, did they say?

Now we have the answer.

Before walking down the aisle to marry her fiance, Chris, Pivarnick spent a bulk of the episode expressing how joyous she was to have the three aforementioned women as bridesmaids, considering their often rocky past.

Photo via MTV

"It means so much for me to have these ladies by my side. We were not in a good place for so many years," Angelina said in a confessional.

"I changed so much, I think they’ve changed and I’m excited they’re going to be up there when I get married."

Heck, the bride-to-be even gifted them custom wine bottles with "Never to be used as a weapon" labels.

Photo via Instagram

That’s a reference to that time Jenni did just that during one of their more intense fights, of course.

It’s almost as if this whole thing was scripted, you know? And the show was preparing its viewers for Angelina to be let down by her three alleged best friends…

So, let’s get to the toast, shall we?!?

"They said third time’s a charm. You got engaged three times, but the third one stuck," Deena began.

"You tried living with us three times and then you finally stayed. Not only is Chris the lucky one, but so are we."

"Angelina, you’re the lice to my hair."

Oh dear.

Photo via MTV

Snooki then took her turn slamming the bride, telling Angelina "You’re the fly to our shit," to which exclaimed she "loved that."

"You are the trash to our bags," added Jenni.

Again, Angelina reacted with nothing but love for her pals any time the camera panned over to her.

Photo via MTV

"You’re the throw up to our hangover," Snooki continued, before Jenni brought it home with: "You are the dump to our island."

While all these insults were references to Jersey Shore, the audience was not feeling it.

They all began booing the three women, as Jenni yelled, "Calm down, Staten Island!"

Photo via MTV

"Biggest fear just came full circle," JWoww added in a confessional, citing how she believed Angelina’s grandmother previous cursed her.

"It’s the hex, it’s upon me, it’s real."

The episode ended with the message "To be continued …"


Not shockingly, footage from next Thursday’s aftermath teased Angelina’s very angry reaction to the speech.

It resulted in Deena claiming their friendship is over.

In the months since the November wedding, though, Angelina has expressed forgiveness to her costars.

Photo via Instagram

She’s been telling everyone she does have a sense of humor – even though the setting was a bit rough for that.

"As for my girls, we have been through worse," she said this spring.

Ange says she "will not let a couple of jokes ruin what we have rebuilt over the last couple of years."

Talk about taking the highest of roads.

Photo via MTV

"If you watch our show, you know we all roast each other. That’s what family does," she added.

This may be true.

However, Snooki announced she was leaving Jersey Shore almost as soon as her wedding toast went viral.

Snooki on Family Vacation

"I don’t like the narrative of anything, I’m removing myself, I love you guys so much," the Snook said at the time.

"I love my roomies to death, they know that, I’m not going anywhere when it comes to them and them being my family…

"The cattiness, I just can’t do it."

Maybe she finally grew up.

Or she just decided to bail as soon as she began generating negative headlines with this toast late last year.