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Some viewers are unhappy with Kyle Richards’ meltdowns so far this season, and it sounds like the cast is right there with them.

Is there a chance that Kyle could be fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Kyle Richards is Visibly Shocked
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In an upcoming issue of Star, an inside source alleges that the ladies of Beverly Hills are turning on their OG.

"Kyle’s becoming the toxic housewife," the insider claims.

The source then alleges that "The ladies are turning on her."

That could be a source of real drama for Kyle and the entire cast.

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"Kyle should be worried," the insider suggests.

According to the source, "Bravo doesn’t claim loyalty to any of the original cast."

We have seen that spelled out very plainly with Vicki Gunvalson’s fall in Orange County.

"The bottom line is," the insider says, "some of the ladies want to see her gone."

Photo via Bravo

Kyle has really been pissing off her castmates this season.

Not to be mean, but she has been doing a lot of crying. Some wonder if it’s a tactic to manipulate people into silence.

She also kept claiming that Denise Richards was a "ragamuffin," which did not go over well.

And gee, didn’t she also declare that her fellow Housewives were "fake ass bitches" at times?

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Then there is the issue of Kyle’s hypocrisy and double standard.

As her castmates have explained, they’re not mad at her for being closer to Teddi Mellencamp than she is to them.

But while it’s fine to have a best friend and even to show favoritism to that friend, Kyle doesn’t seem willing to admit it.

She insists that she is totally fair to everyone, which her castmates have said is simply not true.

Dorit Kemsley has been bringing this up all season long, and she’s far from alone.

Kylie wants to be loved by everyone, and she thinks that to do that, she has to pretend that she doesn’t treat Teddi differently than anyone.

But her castmates have observed that Kyle seems to have one set of rules for them and another set of standards for Teddi.

Whether it’s having a stylish glow-up for your second season or whatever, Kyle will go after anyone but Teddi. But she won’t admit it.

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But is being hated by her fellow castmates really that bad?

Personally, maybe. But is it going to endanger her job?

Some might say that it’s a fundamental part of any Housewife’s job to, from time to time, find herself opposed by a good portion of her castmates.

Kyle Richards Speaks at the Season 9 Reunion
Photo via Bravo

Whether it’s just a blowup argument or a long-standing feud, animosity and drama are the bread and butter of Bravo’s programming.

So unless everyone threatens to quit this extremely lucrative job unless Bravo fires Kyle …

… being hated doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

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That doesn’t mean that Kyle wants to take on that role.

Some Real Housewives, like NeNe Leakes, seem to revel when they are in opposition to nearly everyone.

We are sure that, career security or not, Kyle was be broken if she felt that most of her castmates wanted her truly gone.

But … is that really the case?

Kyle Richards Speaks at the Season 9 Reunion
Photo via Bravo

We have to ask because, well, this report in Star is not exactly confirmed by any reputable tabloid.

We’re sure that a few of Kyle’s castmates are annoyed.

That is clearly no secret.

But until we learn more, we’re not prepared to believe that they want her gone.

Kyle Richards Gears Up for a Shouting Match
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Still, it would be nice to see Kyle getting along a little better with her fellow Housewives.

She does not seem to have "clicked" with Garcelle Beauvais.

In fact, Garcelle feels that Kyle seems to just gloss over her when addressing the group.

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Even when Garcelle brought it up with her, Kyle quickly lept into another part of the conversation.

Garcelle decided to leave.

Kyle explains that she doesn’t engage as much directly with Garcelle because she doesn’t know her that well.

She insists that she does like Garcelle.

Kyle Richards Cries
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But Garcelle asks how Kyle is ever going to get to know her if she doesn’t ever engage with her.

Kyle probably feels like she has a lot on her plate on the show, but she could make an effort.

It’s a lot. All of it. Just a lot to take in and unpack.

Now, that report is correct about Bravo’s feelings when it comes to the OG Housewives at the network.

It’s a business. If your storylines are stale and ratings are trending down, they’ll want to make a change.

They’re not afraid to tackle their OG stars to do it.

But, given how good this season of RHOBH has been so far and how intrigued we all are, Kyle is probably safe, right?