Brittany Banks: 90 Day Fiance Star Flees Instagram After OnlyFans Account Revealed!

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Ever since the premiere of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2, fans have wondered if Brittany Banks is a Sugar Baby.

It turns out that the rapper, dancer, and influencer has an OnlyFans ... but she hasn't taken that discovery well.

Brittany Banks is Excited and Nervous

Brittany Banks is 26 years old.

She has been in the habit of dating older men, from men in their 40s to the oldest man whom she ever dated, who was in his 80s.

(Brittany has even joked that her adult braces were a turn-on for some of these men, which is deeply disturbing because braces symbolize youth)

Yazan Abo Horira, her partner on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, represents a huge change for Brittany. He is 24.

Brittany Banks on Instagram

Brittany is an aspiring rapper, and has rapped under the pseudonym "Boss Brittany" before.

She is also a model, showing her curvaceous body on social media.

Brittany has even acted in a very limited capacity, appearing in a number of YouTube videos on a comedian's channel.

Her Instagram account, boasting upwards of 320,000 followers, proves that she is also quite the influencer.

Brittany Banks and Yazan Get Cute on Instagram

However, Brittany has been called out for her massive Instagram following contrasting with less engagement than one would expect.

That's not unusual. On some social media sites, you can have thousands of followers and get, like, 12 likes by the same people every post.

But the issue with Brittany's Instagram is that people look at her likes in contrast with her followers and accuse her of buying followers.

Some stars do inflate their follower counts for clout. Brittany has been adamant that she is not one of them.

Brittany Banks and Yazan on Instagram

"I took all my photos down & changed my name,” Brittany recently explained on her Instagram Story.

“I changed my brand!" she shared.

"That’s why I have 327k followers," Brittany reasoned, "and not a lot of likes or comments."

"If I post a booty picture I’ll have like 39,000 likes," she boasted. "But I don’t want to."

90 Day The Other Way: Brittany can't wait to see her boo

We don't doubt that she could have an embarrassment of likes for showing off her butt.

(Reminder that you can show your booty on Instagram, but no "lady nipples," no genitals, and, how hould we put this ... keep those cheeks together)

She has shown off her booty across social media.

And apparently, she may have shown a little more than that.

Brittany Banks and Yazan for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Those super-sleuths over at Starcasm reported on Brittany allegedly having an OnlyFans account.

If you've followed our coverage, multiple 90 Day Fiance stars have joined OnlyFans or announced plans to do so. 

It's a paid subscription site for nudes and more. But almost as soon as word got out about Brittany's OnlyFans page, it up and vanished.

That's not all, it seems. Brittany's Instagram account, as of Tuesday afternoon on June 9, is nowhere to be found.

90 Day The Other Way: Yazan says Brittany looks so cute

Could it be that Brittany is embarrassed that she had an OnlyFans, or was getting hate for it on Instagram?

We hope not. There is nothing wrong with sex work, including OnlyFans. There is another possibility.

Could Brittany be already living in Jordan with Yazan, and needed to delete the page to appease his family and the local culture?

We don't know for sure. And, until Brittany returns to social media, we're afraid that we can only guess. We hope that she is doing okay.

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