Kyle Richards Melts Down, Lashes Out at Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley

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On Wednesday night's new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, an astrologer foreshadowed that Denise Richards is hiding a secret.

But Kyle Richards' favoritism of Teddi Mellencamp came up again and again, and Kyle did not like being accused of being unfair.

Kyle Richards fumes at dinner

It all goes down in Erika Jayne's home (featuring her charming husband) as they sit down with an astrologer.

As we reported yesterday upon viewing a sneak peek, he gives a rundown of each Housewife's chart.

What you, the viewer, think of astrology is totally up to you, of course. I can't say that it's my thing.

Denise becomes a focus at one point as the astrologer indicates that her celestial correspondences mean that she has a "hidden side."

Lisa Rinna is Entertained by Denise Richards

But enough foreshadowing her Brandi Glanville affair scandal, because Wednesday night's episode quickly became about Kyle.

(Also, Erika and Lisa wore the same ensemble, and Garcelle was also in pink, so it was a fun coincidence)

So, according to Kyle's chart or whatever, she's supposedly frustrated by imbalance and inequality and focused upon being fair.

Dorit Kemsley, who has spoken earlier this season about Kyle showing favoritism towards Teddi, could not resist shading Kyle.

Kyle Richards shaded by Dorit Kemsley

As Kyle's favoritism of Teddi comes up, Garcelle pushes the idea that Kyle should just cop to it.

"Why can't you just say, 'I'm closer to Teddi?' What's wrong with that?" she asks.

"It's blatant," Garcelle says as Kyle gets defensive, adding "Stevie Wonder could see it."

She is not the only one who feels that way.

Garcelle Beauvais is Pretty in Pink

"If Kyle would just admit that there are certain rules that apply to Teddi that don't necessarily apply to the rest of the girls in the group," Dorit begins.

"Then," she continues, "there would be no issue."

However, the ladies understand -- and Garcelle spells out to the camera -- that Kyle does not want to acknowledge it.

Instead, she says, Kyle wants to be admired and viewed as impartial by everyone ... even if everyone right now is saying that it's not the case.

Dorit Kemsley is Interested

"Didn't you, last year, go to couples therapy?" Dorit suggests, eager to press the issue now that the topic has come up.

Erika echoes that, talking about how they had gone to therapy together

"I had couple's therapy?! You guys have all f--king lost your minds," Kyle declared. "You guys have too much f--king time on your hands."

Teddi explains that it was joint therapy for their anxiety, not true couples therapy, as they did not discuss their relationship.

Sutton Stracke Has Things to Say

The topic shifts to the newcomers as Dorit and Sutton hash out their previous beef.

"I feel like a lot of the ladies don't want to get to know me, personally," Sutton admits.

"I feel like I'm here, but no one's really saying anything," Garcelle expresses in agreement. "I don't know if you guys are afraid or not afraid."

"I feel like I talk to you all the time," she adds, speaking to Kyle, "and I feel like you glaze right over me."

Garcelle Beauvais Feels Glazed Over

"We haven't spent enough time together because you're away a lot too," Kyle counters.

"I think she's gorgeous, outspoken, and I adore her," she then adds of Garcelle in particular.

Dorit could not help but ask: "Why do you glaze over her then?"

Kyle did not handle that well, yelling: "Shut up, you a--hole!!" That was enough for Denise, Garcelle, and Lisa, who excused themselves.

Kyle Richards says that everyone is being so mean

At this point, Kyle was so wrapped up in defending herself to Dorit that it was like she had once again glossed over Garcelle.

Garcelle, Lisa, and Denise discussed it in the car, with Garcelle feeling especially ignored as the newcomer.

It's not that she wanted or needed validation from Kyle ... but she didn't appreciate that Kyle seemed to be so superficial.

And Dorit didn't want to hash things out again with Kyle, but then she gets some much needed backup from Erika.

Erika Jayne Explains the Issue

Erika explains that she has also seen how Teddi and Kyle are a "package deal," and recalls experiencing their solidarity firsthand.

When Dorit chimes in, Kyle shuts her down: "F--k you! F--k you Dorit! You don't get to tell me how I feel."

What the ladies are trying to get at is that the two of them seem codependent, but Kyle lashes out, asking Erika if it's "because you don't have good friends?!"

Erika tells her that she's going to ignore the insult because it's absurd ... and that actually, she considers Kyle to be one of her close friends.

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