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These days, Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fourth child.

The father, as you’re probably aware, is Chris Lopez, with whom Kail already has one kid.

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But it’s not like these two enjoyed raising a child together so much that they decided to do it again.

In fact, Kail has derided Lopez as an "Instagram Dad," claiming that he only spends time with his son in order to keep up appearances on social media.

We don’t know if that’s true, but he does seem to go long stretches of time without seeing little Lux.

And when he spends time with the boy, the occasion is always carefully documented for Chris’ social media followers.

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For example, Chris spent the afternoon with Lux in honor of Father’s Day on Sunday.

He shared an Instagram Story in which he can be seen enjoying some time at home with the boy. 

(Not the most exciting activity, perhaps, but to be fair, the still-ongoing coronavirus pandemic left many families with limited options.)

“Got to enjoy Father’s Day early [relieved face emoji],” Chris captioned the post, as reported by In Touch.

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He also posted a pic of his present, a Father’s Day card "signed" by Lux,

“Father’s Day is in June because …” reads the card “… about a month after Mother’s Day, somebody was like, ‘Hey, wait a minute …’ I didn’t forget about you. Happy Father’s Day.”

“Love, Lux," read the inscription, which, as many fans noted, seemed to be in Kail’s handwriting.

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Lux is only 2, and he obviously didn’t buy or sign the card himself.

And given how tense relations have been between Kail and Chris lately, it’s something of a miracle that the man received any sort of Father’s Day gift at all.

After all, the situation between these two was fraught at the start of her pregnancy, and it seems to have deteriorated with each trimester.

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Currently, Lowry has a restraining order against Lopez, which she filed for right around the time she got pregnant.

Kail recently stated that she will not allow Lopez to be in the delivery room for the birth of their second child together.

So it came as something of a surprise that Kail bought a Father’s Day card for Chris and signed it on her son’s behalf.

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Although it’s worth noting that she kept the inscription as short as possible.

To her credit, Kail has always said she’ll continue to prioritize her kids’ relationships with their fathers, even when she’s not on good terms with the men herself.

And it looks like she put her money where her mouth is on Father’s Day.

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It can’t be easy to buy and sign a Father’s Day card for a man whom you openly despise.

But Kail has made it clear that she wants each of her baby daddies to be involved in their kids’ lives.

So while she may not want him in the delivery room, you can be sure she’ll want Chris spending as much time with her fourth child as possible.