Chris Lopez: Kailyn Lowry LIES! I'm Not a Deadbeat Dad!

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Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy Chris Lopez has us a bit confused these days.

He says the reason he won't film for Teen Mom 2 is that he values his privacy, and yet, it seems he's also trying to cash in on his newfound fame by forging a career as a media figure.

Kailyn with Chris

Lopez recently launched a podcast and his social media following continues to grow larger by the day.

Of course, not all of those new followers are fans.

If you're a Teen Mom 2 viewer, then you're probably aware that the "deadbeat dad" label has haunted Lopez for quite some time now.

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the criticism of Chris' parenting -- or lack thereof -- began.

Chris Lopez as Dad

For some, it started while Lowry was still pregnant with her third child, and Lopez was often nowhere to be found.

For others, it began with Kail's now-infamous description of Lopez as "an Instagram dad."

“Legit, in seven months, this might be only the second time he’s asked how his son is or where his son is,” Kailyn said in a Season 8 episode of Teen Mom 2.

Lopez, Chris

“Oh, he posted a picture of him and the baby in my bed, that was when the baby was a month old and he just posted it the other day. Like, please don’t be an Instagram dad, because that’s what you are.”

For obvious reasons, Chris took a lot of flak after that episode aired.

But whether he was mischaracterized from the start or all that criticism caused him to change his ways, it seems that these days, Lopez is putting far more time and effort into parenting.

Chris Lopez With Lux

Chris posted the above pic to Instagram over the weekend, along with a caption reading:

"‘The deadbeat’ they don’t know the journey."

Of course, no one ever denied that Lopez was good at making himself look like a devoted parent on Instagram.

The reason fans are less suspicious this time around is that Kail herself has been complimentary about her ex's parenting.

Chris Lopez With Baby Lux

“I respect it. I can’t complain,” she said on a recent episode of TM2.

“You take Lux when you have to take him, you’re paying child support. I don’t have any complaints.”

As for the question of whether or not Kail and Chris are still together -- he said on his podcast that he's single, but she says his response to that question "depends on who's asking."

Sounds like they're friends with benefits at best, but Lowry wants another kid by Lopez, so this relationship might get even more complicated in the near future.

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