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Christine Brown recently wrote something very strange on Instagram, telling followers that she wishes a bunch of animals had been left to drown by Noah back when he collected species for his ark.

Like we said: Very strange.

Now, however, many loved ones are urging the Sister Wives star to let something else, aside from innocent four-legged creatures, die instead: 

Christine Brown on an Episode

Her marriage.

According to The Sun, friends and family members have been pushing Christine to leave her awful and self-centered husband, Kody, and they’ve been doing so for one very simple reason.

Christine is just very unhappy these days.

“Her loved ones hope Christine leaves," a source has said to The Sun. "Her mother left polygamy a long time ago. She has the support. They hope she finds someone else."

Photo via Instagram

If Christine truly is displeased with her relationship, she’s been hiding it very well. Especially of late.

While fellow Sister Wives cast member Meri has been sharing cryptic messages about her marriage for many months, and while even Robyn admitted on the latest season that she and Kody are fighting all the time, Christine has been making it look like things are peachy keen.

Just a month ago, for example, Brown rocked some sexy attire for a date night with Kody.

She’s also been pretty outspoken about her general support for the polygamous lifestyle.

Christine Brown Sits and Stares
Photo via Instagram

The thing is, social media isn’t real life.

“She is unhappy living this way, but she is happy because they believe whatever they call happy," this newspaper source tried to explain, adding:

"They are doing what God wants them to do and fulfilling their works."

That may be great on a broad, religious level — but on a personal and practical level? Christine has taken issue with one Kody idea in particular.

Christine Brown Breaks a Sweat

As we witnessed on the latest season of Sister Wives, the father of 18 is dying to build a giant family home in Arizona for all four of his wives and their young kids.

Meri, Janelle and Robyn have sounded open to the proposal at times, but Christine flat-out hates it.

“I just don’t want to," she said on air this year.

"I would feel like I can’t master my domain anymore if I had to live with everyone again. I wouldn’t be in charge of my own home. Why live in a beautiful paradise if I can’t really have what I need there?

“I would never go back to this. Never.”

Photo via Instagram

The Sun does cite this issue has a significant basis for Christine’s discontent.

"Wanting her own place, every woman wants that. Here’s the man who wants the same house so they don’t have to travel and is closer," alleges the insider.

“She needs to feel like she has a husband and she can’t do that in the same house.”

Christine Brown on Date Night
Photo via Instagram

As for that whole sexy attire thing we referenced above?

The insider said Christine felt pressure to release such a photo and message, which was just another example of why plural marriage sucks.

"It’s her way of stating her position and status.

"The more wives you have, the more you have to compete and fight for positions. That’s why the men have big egos.

It’s like, ‘I am I’m in your face, don’t forget it. I’m Kody’s wife too.’"