June Shannon: I Went Blind Because I Smoked So Much Crack!

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June Shannon is opening up like never before.

On the latest episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, the extremely troubled reality star confessed to the depths of her recent drug habit ... and those depths were very, very deep and dark.

Mama Shannon

"[My drug of choice] has to be cocaine crack," Shannon said on air, telling an intake specialist while in rehab:

"I started snorting it, lost my vision, and then I quit and then I went into using... just smoking crack."

"It's weird because if you snort it, it goes up in here."

June on TV

June then revealed that she snorted crack as often as she could, sometimes spending $3,000 a day on the foreign substance.

"I can go through a couple ounces a day, easy. Not even think about it," said the mother of two.

Shannon has also admitted to spending $2,500 per day on her meth habit.

Mama June Confesses

Did Mama June express any regrets over this addiction?

Especially because it cost her a year's worth of a relationship with her kids and maybe more?

Depending on whether or not they let her back into their life going forward?

June Shannon New Teeth

"I lost who I was for a while, I do believe that," the 40-year old added, citing "mistakes" from the past and "lessons learned" and stating:

"I hated the person I was. And I wanted to kill that person I was, if that makes sense.

"I didn't want to kill myself physically, but I wanted to kill that personality."

Mission accomplished, in that case.

June Shannon Instagram Live

For almost all of 2019, Shannon was estranged from her family.

She was broke and living out of hotels with her awful boyfriend, Geno Doak, and only on the past few episodes of her We TV reality show has she admitted to needing help.

You can therefore understand why so many viewers think this has all been a bunch of producer-generated nonsense in order to garner attention for the program.

June Shannon and Geno Doak

In addition to using methamphetamine, though, Shannon said on this episode that she and Doak took Fioricet, a prescription pain medicine used to treat the symptoms of tension headache.

She was also partial to Xanax, a benzodiazepine medication used to treat anxiety and panic disorders.

June Shannon Breaks Down

In March 2019, of course, Shannon was arrested for crack cocaine possession.

No one can accuse the network of manufacturing that storyline.

"Because you know at that point, we was doing quite a bit," Shannon says.

"I mean, it was a couple ounces a day."

June Shannon is Close to Tears

Shannon's drug use and subsequent arrest placed quite a strain on her relationship with daughters Lauryn and Alana, although Shannon and her oldest child had a tearful reunion earlier this season.

Will it last?

Lauryn needs her mother to remain candid and honest if there's any hope for long-term reconciliation.

June Shannon is Suffering

"She's an addict. Mama is a real good habitual liar," Lauryn said on air this past Friday.

"She tries to convince everybody that she's telling the truth, that she can just go out and quit drugs on her own."

"That's not how this works."

June Shannon is Not Taking It Well

"My thing is," she continued, "if she doesn't need help to stop, then why doesn't she just stop?"

It's the age-old question.

Mama June: From Not to Hot producers, meanwhile, also called June out during the aforementioned intake process because she claimed her drug use didn't affect her work.

June Shannon Says She's Getting Better

That's a pretty weird thing to say when your work is to star on a show about your life - and your life is filled with hardcore drug use.

"Be honest, June. You lost your whole show," a producer said to the lead.

"We filmed this entire season without you because of it all."

June Shannon Looks Odd

The producer reiterated: "Be honest, that's what we're here for."

"To me, the only reason you quit the season is because I checked myself out of rehab," June fired back.

"I mean, I don't give a f-ck."

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