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Last month, 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined viewers learned that Fernanda Flores is dating Clay Harbor. She’s not the only one who has moved on.

Jonathan Rivera is now engaged!

Jonathan Rivera engagement to Janelle Miller IG post

On Thursday, June 18, Jonathan took to Instagram to make a very special announcement.

"Easiest decision I’ve ever made," he captions a series of photos.

It’s not difficult to see what decision he means.

In each of the photos that Jonathan put on display, the engagement ring is very much on display.

Jonathan Rivera and Janelle Miller Engagement Photo
Photo via Instagram

Jonathan’s fiancee is none other than Janelle Miller.

We previously reported on Janelle when the two of them went "Instagram official" in June 2019.

One year later, they are engaged.

And the photos from that engagement are absolutely stunning.

Photo via Instagram

Jonathan first put Janelle on display last spring, as we mentioned.

Initially, he did not disclose her identity, hiding her face in every photograph.

The two went on what looked like a very romantic and sexy cruise.

He was clearly signaling that he was moving on with his life.

Photo via Instagram

Jonathan is a 33-year-old reatlor from Lumberton, North Carolina.

NC is home to a number of large, densely populated cities. Lumberton is not one of them.

Lumberton is a town with a population of a little over 20,000.

Jonathan is well traveled, but his small town origins caused problems in his last major relationship.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera Tell All
Photo via TLC

Jonathan was on 90 Day Fiance with his much younger fiancee, Fernanda Flores.

The two had met while he was clubbing in Mexico. Fernanda was only 18 at the time.

Their whirlwind romance soured over a number of factors, including Fernanda’s disappointment at the small town where Jonathan lived.

Additionally, she has since accused him of isolating her, neglecting her, and even of physical abuse.

Photo via Instagram

Jonathan acknowledged that Fernanda had been disappointed with his lifestyle and environment.

Since their breakup, Fernanda has moved on to work in Chicago.

And she, too, has romantically moved on. That’s great to see.

We hope that Jonathan’s new romance works out to be happier for them both than his previous one.

Jonathan Rivera Reveals His Girlfriend
Photo via Instagram

There are a lot of good reasons to wait before proposing marriage to someone.

One of those is that Jonathan and Fernanda were only formally divorced in March, more than a year after the date of separation.

Divorce can take a long time to work out, but Fernanda celebrated this milestone.

Of course, feeling free to date again has its limits, given that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on most people’s dating lives.

Photo via Instagram

Some have accused Fernanda of being a "gold digger," though even Jonathan has shot down that claim.

They have both made it clear that they did truly love each other.

Additionally, Fernanda has said that Jonathan’s finances are not what he presented them to be on 90 Day Fiance.

According to her, when they arrived at his house, the lights were off due to unpaid power bills. That sounds … messy.

Fernanda Flores, July 4 2019
Photo via Instagram

Fernanda’s life in the US may not be exactly what she had imagined back in Mexico, but she’s here and making the most of it.

Her modeling work is breathtaking, and yes, she’s also been spotted waitressing — there’s zero shame in honest work, folks!

Now that Jonathan has moved on and is happy, perhaps some of the vitriol and name-calling aimed at Fernanda will die down a little.

We can hope, right?