Ashley Martson Exposes Cruel DM from Jax Taylor: Just Fire Him Already!!

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Last week, 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson called for Jax Taylor to be fired for making an appalling racist comment about her husband, Jay Smith.

Now, she is exposing even more vitriol that he sent her way ... in messages that we have actually seen before.

Ashley Martson Cries on Instagram

Previously, we described how Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor had said cruel, racist things about Jay Smith.

He had attacked stereotypical black features on Jay, expressing white supremacist beauty standards in an effort to hurt Ashley's feelings.

In the aftermath of Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute's firing from Vanderpump Rules for racism, Ashley opined that Jax should be next.

Now, she is revealing even more that he has said to her.

Ashley Martson IG jax taylor racist comment

"Pathetic you are," Jax accuses Ashley in an alleged Instagram DM sent to her in 2018.

"I know everyone at TLC," he asserted, claiming "they all make fun of you."

"You are poor white trash," Jax accused her.

Jax Taylor Vanderpump Season 8 Reunion

"Your daughter is in for a world of hurt," Jax menaced, "cause her moms a complete fool."

"Even your dumb friends have messaged me," he claimed.

Jax wrote that those alleged friends have been "saying you want to be famous and your not smart."

We all make typos every day, but your not smart is not something that you want to send someone. Come on.

Taylor, Jax

"Your own friends," Jax taunted Ashley.

"I can’t wait to post this," he expressed.

"Your own friends call you pathetic," Jax claimed, adding: "As well as the people on the show."

We have to wonder why Ashley's friends and production crew would even be in contact with Jax, let alone say such things to him.

Ashley Martson is a Cool Mom

"Call me when your poor daughter or son needs rehab cause there mom is an idiot," Jax wrote mockingly.

He concluded his vicious message with a bit of unwarranted body-shaming.

"And sweetie," Jax wrote, "you have a fuppa."

That stands for Fat Upper P--sy Area, and is just deeply rude to say to anyone.

Ashley Martson in a Burgundy Bikini

Interestingly, the screenshots that Ashley Martson posted have fuschia scribbles on them.

Sometimes, people very wisely edit screenshots of social media posts in order to make a commenter anonymous.

In this case, however, Ashley was scribbling over a watermark on the images.

We suppose that she had lost the original images ... and had to use the version that she had shared in 2018, when Jax messaged her.

Ashley Martson shares Jax Taylor DMs, scribbles John Yates' watermark

See, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates is the one who first brought this hateful message to the attention of the world.

He is an extremely reliable source of behind-the-scenes 90 Day Fiance news.

There was a time when he and Ashley got along well and even met up.

But these days, the two of them are feuding intensely -- and he pointed out that he is the origin of these screenshots going public.

John Yates and Ashley Martson in 2019

In response to Ashley posting those screens, John Yates is calling her out.

"Wow Ashley what a lackluster job you’ve done trying to remove my watermark from posts you gave me two years ago," he writes.

John says that she sent him the posts "when all you cared about was gaining popularity off your exchanges with the #PumpRules cast."

"Much," he accuses, "like you’re doing now."

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Troll Fans on TikTok

At the moment, millions of Americans from coast to coast have engaged in courageous protests for the past three weeks.

They are protesting against racism in all of its forms, particularly escalating and unaccountable police violence.

This is a time of reckoning for racist institutions and individuals.

Clearly, Ashley believes that Jax's wrongdoings are both recent and egregious enough to see him fired.

Jay Smith Packs on the PDA with Ashley Martson

Ashley has no shortage of critics herself, if for different reasons.

Her on-again, off-again marriage to Jay Smith has been tumultuous at best.

From the start, her friends worried that the much-younger man was cheating on her and would continue to do so.

And, time and time again, they were right.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith on YouTube

However, this past March, they announced that they had once again reconciled.

This time, they are resolved to make it work, despite no shortage of past drama.

You can look at their relationship timeline of cheating, fights, breakups, and reconciliations below.

Decide for yourself whether they have a snowball's chance of staying married.

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