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Last year, 90 Day Fiance star Fernanda Flores accused Jonathan Rivera of being an abusive alcoholic. She left him and filed for divorce.

Now, over a year later, Fernanda’s divorce has been finalized at last!

Photo via Instagram

"Officially single," Fernanda Flores announces on Instagram.

"By forgiving and closing chapters you open your heart to more blessings to come your way," she writes.

"I can’t thank you enough to all my followers, friends, and family for all your love and support in all this journey," Fernanda expresses.

"This isn’t a failure, this is a win!" she correctly affirms. "Excited to see what God has planned for me."

Fernanda Flores Celebrates Immigration Triumph
Photo via Instagram

Fernanda (seen here celebrating her continued US residency last year) elaborated in her Instagram Stories.

"Cheers to [closing] that chapter," Fernanda wrote.

Another Story reads: "Freedom and a new hairstyle feels good!"

Clearly, this feels like a real weight off of her shoulders.

Fernanda Flores Shares Her Truth
Photo via YouTube

Last summer, Fernanda unveiled a 44-minute "documentary" video on YouTube.

The video included interviews and statements from friends and neighbors whom she had met in the US.

During the course of the video, Fernanda accused Jonathan of having been abusive and controlling during the marriage.

She described him as drinking too much and then becoming physically aggressive. Parts of her story were corroborated by others.

Fernanda Has Concerns
Photo via TLC

Even before the very serious allegations of abuse, Fernanda and Jonathan had problems that went further than what we saw on screen.

We all remember the infamous indicent in which Fernanda found another woman’s clothes in Jonathan’s house.

According to Fernanda, that was just one alarming discovery of many.

While some things (like sex toys and porn) seemed normal to keep, others seemed like keepsakes from exes — not appropriate for a fiance to have.

Fernanda Flores, July 4 2019
Photo via Instagram

We can’t say exactly why the divorce took so long, but realistically, ending a marriage is always a lengthy process.

Even when neither party has anything to gain from it, sometimes the other will simply refuse to sign an agreement, out of spite.

Other times, the two will argue about things like spousal support or division of property.

When what was once love turns to hatred, people will make their own lives difficult just to make the other suffer.

Fernanda Flores in White
Photo via Instagram

Fernanda Flores has been living and working in Chicago.

As fans may recall, a point of contention between her and Jonathan was her desire to live and work in a major city.

(Jonathan lives in Lumberton, NC. North Carolina may be the 9th most populous state in the US, but Lumberton is not exactly an urban center)

Fernanda has been seen both modeling and waitressing in the Windy City.

Fernanda Flores in the City
Photo via Instagram

We congratulate Fernanda on her newfound sense of freedom!

Even if you haven’t interacted with your ex in months, feeling tethered to them — even just on paper — can weigh heavily on a person.

As Fernanda sets about living her best life, we wish her all of the success in the world.

In fact, we cannot wait to see what she does next. Her modeling work has always been top notch.