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While most of us remain on lockdown, 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined continues. This week, viewers caught up with Fernanda Flores.

The freshly divorced Fernanda is dating professional athlete and The Bachelorette alum Clay Harbor. Take a look:

Photo via TLC

Fernanda Flores may have gotten married on 90 Day Fiance, but her marriage was not at all what she had hoped.

Now, she explains in the clip what we have attached, she is dipping her toes back into the world of dating.

Because of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, she is of course not dating in person. She’s dating via Zoom.

But Fernanda reveals that she had met the man whom she is dating before the pandemic began.

Photo via Instagram

Clay Harbor may sound like the name of a location, but he’s a tall, muscular man.

(Fernanda clearly has a type, and that type is top heavy if you catch our meaning)

Clay was on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, and then he was on Bachelor in Paradise.

He is also a professional athlete — a football player, which certainly explains his serious physique.

Photo via Instagram

"I met Clay a few months ago over social media,” Fernanda explained during her Self-Quarantined footage.

We were also treated to a view of her getting reader for her Zoom date — including her burning her fingers a couple of times (ouch).

“We went on a first date," she recalled, also commenting on how big and muscular his arms are, "but it wasn’t the right timing for me."

Fernanda explained: "I wasn’t ready to be dating."

Clay Harbor
Photo via Facebook

"Now, we wanna date again," Fernanda reveals.

"But now we’re stuck home with quarantine and we figure we could have a virtual date," she reasons.

"I do want kids," Fernanda says, speaking of her personal life goals and milestones.

She adds: "If you asked me this question when I was fresh out of my separation, I would say ‘No, I will never date again! I don’t believe in men.’” 

Fernanda Flores, July 4 2019
Photo via Instagram

“But you know," Fernanda tells Clay during their date, "I’m ready to give love a chance again."

"In the past year, everything in my life changed 100 percent,” she acknowledged to the camera.

“I tried my best at the beginning to give us an opportunity," Fernanda reflected of her erstwhile marriage to Jonathan Rivera.

"But," she lamented, "things went from bad to worse."

Fernanda Flores in White
Photo via Instagram

"I couldn’t handle it," Fernanda affirmed.

"We were married six months until we separated," she explained for those viewers who did not follow their story after the show.

"The divorce is final now," Fernanda shared, adding: "We both signed the papers."

"I feel relief. I feel free," she declared. "I feel ready to eat the world."

Photo via Instagram

Fernanda was much more interested in talking about her new man than about her ex, whom she has accused of abuse.

"I can’t wait for this quarantine to be over and be able to have a real date with him," she gushed about Clay.

Fernanda looks forward to being on a real date "where I can be physically touching his muscles, and have physical contact."

Barely containing her excitement, she added: “I can’t wait."