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Earlier this month, Fernanda Flores declared that Jonathan was dead to her, shooting down claims that she wanted her ex back.

Though both 90 Day Fiance alums have spoken about the breakup, they have both been extremely vague about the split … until now.

Fernanda has come out with a 44-minute documentary on YouTube in which she accuses Jonathan of cheating, drinking, and abuse.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera, Love
Photo via Instagram

About six months ago, 90 Day Fiance couple Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera went their separate ways.

Though it was clear that there was a lot of anger, mostly, we had just heard denials until now.

Jonathan confirmed that Fernanda was not a gold digger or simply after American citizenship.

They were just two people who drifted apart.

He also shot down rumors that he had cheated on Fernanda.

Now, Fernanda is telling all in a video that she titled: "My Truth."

Fernanda Flores Shares Her Truth
Photo via YouTube

Most of the story of how they met, we already know.

They met in a club in Mexico City while Jonathan was on vacation.

The two of them hit things off.

After a few hiccups, Jonathan proposed to Fernanda.

Then, even though she had already secured a K-1 visa, he suggested that they try out 90 Day Fiance.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera Tell All
Photo via TLC

According to Fernanda, Jonathan told her that they’d stay in his hometown of Lumberton, NC for just a year.

After that, she says, the plan was always that they would eventually move to Chicago.

She arrived in North Carolina feeling very tired, but was already being filmed nonstop.

Fernanda says that she arrived at the nice-looking house but the electricity didn’t work; Jonathan claimed he had been too busy to pay the bill.

She describes the underwear incident, adding that he had only moved to the house two weeks earlier, which made her very suspicious.

"That same week, I found a lot of stuff, not just underwear," Fernanda reveals. "Sex toys, pictures, movies."

Even so, despite her concerns, she apparently did not want to cause drama in front of the cameras.

Fernanda Has Concerns
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Despite things about the house not being what she had expected, Fernanda was more surprised by Jonathan himself.

"He likes to drink way too much," Fernanda claims.

She then alleges: "He did not have my best interests in mind."

Fernanda says in the video that he is not good with money, which echoes sentiments from her comments earlier this month.

But she also says that he was unwilling to set a budget that worked for both of them.

Jonathan and Fernanda in Happier Times
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Fernanda wanted to work on her English, so she attended community college courses.

But she says that Jonathan was not a reliable mode of transportation, citing that no taxi service or (at the time) Uber were available.

(NC is the home to a number of rich urban centers, including the banking capitol of North America … but Lumberton is not one of those)

Forced to drop out of her classes because she couldn’t attend them, Fernanda says that she used the gym for "therapy."

The two of them did marry in Chicago, as fans recall, but then moved back to Lumberton — where she says that things only got worse.

Fernanda Flores Celebrates Immigration Triumph
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Fernanda says that their relationship became "abusive," first emotionally and then verbally.

Jonathan "would just drink or smoke" to avoid dealing with problems, she reports.

She says that she only had access to money when he transferred funds into her account.

It’s clear that she felt isolated, stranded at home, and totally dependent upon him.

Fernanda did make friends in Lumberton, but became depressed, and at one point contemplated suicide.

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera
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She says that emotional and then verbal abuse — calling her a "bitch" when she spoke to a man or shaming her for crying — continued.

Fernanda also alleges that Jonathan put his hands on her more than once.

She says that he at one point grabbed her neck and pushed her against a wall and told her that she was "crazy."

That was after she confronted him about finding an empty condom wrapper.

"He would get so drunk, and high, and I don’t know what else," Fernanda complains, saying that her pleas for him to respect her fell on deaf ears.

Fernanda is Unsure
Photo via TLC

She didn’t mention much of this to friends, she explains, because she wanted to work on her marriage and save it, if possible.

Fernanda explains that when she was ready to leave for Houston to be with her family, her card was canceled and her phone was reported stolen.

She says that Jonathan wanted to use money to "control" her, but she left anyway.

Fernanda left anyway, and ended up with an anemia diagnosis — notably, that can cause depression.

She is not the only one who witnessed alarming behavior from Jonathan, as a friend from Lumberton speaks about about what she saw.

You can watch Fernanda Flores’ full video here, but even the short clip we included may be illuminating to some 90 Day Fiance fans.