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Like everyone else on the world wide web, we’ve cracked a few jokes at the expense of Angelina Pivarnick over the years. Okay, more than a few jokes.

After all, she’s engaged in some pretty mockable behavior over the years, and for the most part, the Jersey Shore cast can take it as well as they dish it out.

But there’s a world of difference between good-natured ribbing and flat-out bullying by Snooki and JWoww, which is certainly what sounds like happened.

On Wednesday, Angelina got married to Chris Larangeira.

That should have been a joyous occasion, to state the obvious, but the reality star’s wedding was marred by discord by the end of that night.

Despite recent turmoil within the group, Pivarnick decided to invite her Shore castmates – and we’re guessing she regrets that decision right about now.

Take a look below and cringe.

[UPDATE: We now know exactly what insults Snooki and JWoww hurled during their roast, and folks – it’s much worse than we thought.]