Snooki, JWoww Bash "Trash Bag," "Dump" Angelina Pivarnick at Her OWN WEDDING! [UPDATED - Listen to the Audio!]

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Like everyone else on the world wide web, we've cracked a few jokes at the expense of Angelina Pivarnick over the years. Okay, more than a few jokes.

After all, she's engaged in some pretty mockable behavior over the years, and for the most part, the Jersey Shore cast can take it as well as they dish it out.

But there's a world of difference between good-natured ribbing and flat-out bullying by Snooki and JWoww, which is certainly what sounds like happened.

On Wednesday, Angelina got married to Chris Larangeira.

That should have been a joyous occasion, to state the obvious, but the reality star's wedding was marred by discord by the end of that night.

Despite recent turmoil within the group, Pivarnick decided to invite her Shore castmates - and we're guessing she regrets that decision right about now.

Take a look below and cringe.

[UPDATE: We now know exactly what insults Snooki and JWoww hurled during their roast, and folks - it's much worse than we thought.]

1. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Following a rocky engagement, Angelina and Chris tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in -- where else? -- New Jersey this week.

2. The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch
It hasn't exactly been smooth sailing between Angelina and her castmates in recent months, but she decided to invite the entire Shore crew to her wedding, anyway.

3. Drama Pays the Bills

Drama Pays the Bills
Okay, so her wedding was filmed for the show, and producers probably withheld her bonus check until she invited the entire cast, but the point is, the whole Guido Gang was on hand.

4. Bitter Rivalry

Bitter Rivalry
As you're probably aware, Pivarnick hasn't been getting along with her female co-stars in recent months. And while she's guilty of some truly ignorant behavior over the years, this time, the beef really isn't her fault.

5. The Groper

The Groper
During a wild weekend in Vegas that was filmed for Shore, Jenni Farley's boyfriend, Zack Carpinello, drunkenly groped Angelina while Jenni was passed out just inches away.

6. The Diplomatic Approach

The Diplomatic Approach
Pivarnick handled the situation as respectfully as possible, by not protecting Zack but not going scorched earth in her interactions with Jenni, either.

7. Diss Farley

Diss Farley
Despite that, Jenni absolutely went off on Angelina when the two crossed paths in Seaside a few weeks later.

8. Tag Team

Tag Team
In fact, Jenni and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi teamed up and unloaded on Angelina in front of their shocked castmates.

9. The Flip-Flopper

The Flip-Flopper
This, despite the fact that Jenni was initially so appalled by the Vegas footage that she kicked Zack to the curb.

10. Reunited ... And It Seems So Bad

Reunited ... And It Seems So Bad
These days, Jenni and Zack are back together, and it appears that Jenni has decided to blame Angelina for their brief separation.

11. Uncalled For

Uncalled For
At least that's the best explanation we can come up with for why Snooki and JWoww would decide to hurl insults at Angelina at her own wedding.

12. Angie's Sh-t List

According to witnesses, Jenni and Nicole stood up during the ceremony in order to offer a toast ... but they wound up roasting the bride instead.

13. Not Cool

“The girls made a messed up speech,” one guest told Radar. “The girls were mean to her. The speeches they gave weren’t respectful. It was disrespectful.”

14. Not the Reception They'd Hoped For

Not the Reception They'd Hoped For
The source claims the speech was so bad that other guests loudly booed Snooki and JWoww.

15. That Doesn't Sound Like Deena

The guest adds that Deena Nicole Cortese was corraled into joining her castmates on the dais, but it's unclear if she participated in the rude toast.

16. Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride
Onlookers say Angelina "was upset and stormed off" after the speech and has not spoken to her co-stars since.

17. Harsh Words

Harsh Words
And what did Jenni and Nicole say that was so upsetting? Well, sadly, it sounds as though Angelina was not overreacting.

18. At Her WEDDING?

Witnesses say Jenni and Nicole referred to Angelina as "the dump to our island" and "the trash bag to our house."

19. Yikes

To make matters worse, it seems the rest of the cast was rude to Angelina, as well, albeit in a more passive-aggressive way.

20. Hella Lame

Hella Lame
“It seemed like they didn’t want to be there,” one insider tells Radar. “But there were no fights, everyone was cordial.”

21. Toughing It Out

Obviously, Angelina shouldn't have to put up with that crap. But we hope she won't let the rest of the cast scare her off the show again. After all, here's good money in partying with these jerks.

22. UPDATE: They Really Went There

Champion Daily has obtained audio from the wedding, and not only does it confirm that Snooki and JWoww really said all those awful things, it also reveals that the roast was even crueler than we thought.

23. Say It Ain't So, Snooks

Snooki kicked things off by referring to Angelina as the “fly to my s--t.” And the harsh analogies only continued from there.

24. The Throw Up to Their Hangovers

The ladies went on to call Angelina “the trash to their bags,” the “throw-up to their hangovers,” “the dump to their island” and the “Rob to their Kardashians.” Yikes.

25. Not Very Funny

Not Very Funny
Snooki can be heard telling the angry crowd, “It’s a joke, relax!” but it seems many of those in attendance failed to see the humor in the situation.

26. No Remorse

No Remorse
“Sadly, it seemed like the women didn’t have any ounce of remorse for upsetting someone so deeply on their wedding day,” Champion Daily‘s source stated.

27. If You Have to EXPLAIN That It's a Joke ...

"They kept claiming ‘it was a joke’- which can also be heard on the audio- but it was VERY clear that Angelina didn’t take it that way," the insider went on.

28. Tough Crowd

Tough Crowd
Witnesses say Chris “looked livid and visibly upset," while Angelina ran from the room crying and didn't return for over an hour. On social media, Angelina and Chris received a ton of support -- while Snooki, JWoww, and Deena took a ton of flak.

29. Deena Goes Down

As for Deena, we now know that she DID participate in the bullying, and she dug herself a deeper hole by offering a half-hearted apology on Instagram.

30. Yeah, No

“Listen I understand your all upset about our speech but we also included nice things in it as well,” Deena wrote.

31. We're Not Buying It

“I’m not a mean person and our intentions were never negative,” she continued. “Yes we had a ‘roast part’ which yes I understand no one agrees with but .. we truly thought she was going to laugh." We might be more inclined to believe that explanation ... were it not for the fact that Deena has a VERY thin skin herself.

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