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Weddings are a time for love, joy and romance.

Unless you get married in front of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cameras, that is. 

In that case, it’s a time for fighting, backstabbing and an endless array of curse words.

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In a sneak peek at the next new episode of this beloved franchise, airing in two weeks, viewers will get an up-close and very personal look at the Hell that  broke loose during Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding to Chris Larangeira.

You remember that, right?

Angelina got married late last year and, as one would expect, invited all her Jersey Shore co-stars to be in attendance.

When it came to Jenni, Deena and Snooki, however, they weren’t simply guests — they served as Angelina’s bridesmaids.

And they ruined the entire event by roasting the bride on her big day.

Angelina on the Gram
Photo via Instagram

As we’ve documented, Angelina was appalled by the antics, behavior and insults hurled at her by her supposed friends, to the point where Angelina threatened to quit Jersey Shore.

In this People Magazine clip, things at first appear to be going smoothly, with the bride surprising this trio with bridesmaid gifts.

"Who would have known, eight years ago, we were all going to be together like this — especially [given] all the crazy times we’ve had?" she says.

However, when the DJ calls the three ladies up to the stage to deliver a speech, well… everything changes. 

Angelina Pivarnick Wedding Photo
Photo via Instagram

All of a sudden, guests are seen loudly booing — and Angelina storms out of the room!

"That was so f-cked up," she says.

She even attempts to boot the MTV cameramen out of the venue.

"Take your camera crew out of my f-cking face," she demands. "Get out of my face. Turn around and just go."

Photo via Instagram

Jenni, Deena, and Snooki, though, are equally furious. They thought they were just having fun and joking around and that the bride wildly overreacted.

"Are you f-cking kidding me?" Jenni cries. "I’m so f-cking mortified."

"She’s happy her entire f—ing crowd booed us," Deena yells.

Then, crying, she turns directly to the camera and states: "I will never film with her again."

Photo via MTV

We’ll see if that holds up, of course.

We already know that Snooki won’t be returning to the show next season.

As for Angelina? She and Chris tied the knot last November at the Park Château Estate & Gardens in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Angelina, Snooki, and Deena
Photo via Instagram

Many reports indicated at the time that her female costars had given a "mean-spirited" speech that didn’t go over well.

None of them really denied this, either.

Angelina even appeared to hint at the drama a few days later on Instagram, saying that the couple needed "a total redo of this day for many reasons."

The next episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursday, May 28 at 8/7c on MTV.