Joy-Anna Duggar Ignores Blackout Tuesday, Gets Lambasted on Social Media

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Because she's pregnant with her second child, Joy-Anna Duggar has mostly been receiving an outpouring of support these days.

That was before Tuesday, June 2, however.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Hubby

As many Internet users likely know well, that date marked Blackout Tuesday across the World Wide Web, as social media participants were encouraged to leave a giant black box as their only post for the occasion.

They were also encouraged to push traffic toward websites, authors and organizations that support the Black Lives Matter movement and/or racial equality.


Because George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minnesota late last month and understandable outrage over this incident has led to protests in all 50 states.

And, hopefully one day soon, real police reform and a reckoning across the nation.

Pregnancy Joy

What does this have to do with Joy-Anna Duggar?

Nothing, sadly. And that's the point many critics are now making.

Despite having around one million followers, and despite this being a chance for Duggar to send a very important messages to all of them... Joy-Anna did not take part in Blackout Tuesday.

Instead, she posted a couple of pictures of her family hanging out in the nature of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.

Austin and Joy Forsyth Picture

Combine Duggar's ignoring of the social media "holiday" with her promoting of her own family and, well, you get a great deal of backlash against the reality star.

“All of your combined followers and support for your family, yet not one mention of support from ANY Duggar on the state of this nation and it’s fellow people of color," wrote one individual, adding:

"Shame. But we’re all God’s children, right?"

Joy's Bump Selfie

Another person had the same problem with the reality star’s photo array, writing:

“Is anyone from your family going to comment on current issues?

"Non Christians are watching. Christians are watching. Jesus would not be silent on this. Please use your platform for good."

boo1 duggar

To be a little fair, Joy-Anna's brother-in-law actually did have a lot to say on this sensitive topic.

In a video he posted on Monday, Jeremy Vuolo touched on racism and the challenges facing our country.

"It’s very important to hear the thoughts of others," he said, adding:

“We need to weep not merely on their account but we need to weep at the brokenness of this world, at the injustice of this world, at the hatred that exists, at the division and the strife and the violence.

"We need to weep at the brokenness of humanity.”

Joy-Anna, Austin Forsyth Pic

It's also worth noting that, instead of sharing photos of her son's 7th birthday on Tuesday, Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, posted a tribute in honor of Blackout Tuesday.

“My mind keeps thinking of George Floyd’s family. I cannot imagine what his family is going through right now," she wrote.

"Our family is praying for God’s peace to surround them — and all who are hurting — may God bring healing and peace to our nation!"


Would that be so hard, Joy-Anna?

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