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Many Americans are experiencing hard times these days.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason fall into the category of those who were hit hard by 2020, but there are at least two reasons why we don’t feel bad for them:

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1. Their problems have nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic and are totally self-created, and 

2. They’re horrible, bigoted, abusive bullies who aren’t deserving of the slightest shred of compassion from anyone, ever.

Anyway, Jenelle seems to spend most of her waking hours in panic mode these days, and for good reason.

She’s never had a real job; both she and her husband are currently employed, and the two of them have five kids between them.

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One might think that the situation would have Jenelle desperately filling out applications in search of a living wage.

But she’s gone this far without ever putting in an honest day’s work, why should she change her ways now?

Instead of seeking employment, Jenelle has decided instead to try and bilk her few remaining fans out of their hard-earned money.

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The hilarious thing is, she can’t even do that effectively.

First, Jenelle relaunched her makeup line, JE Cosmetics.

Her first attempt at becoming a beauty mogul was downright disastrous, complete with lawsuit threats and allegations of selling tainted products.

Now, it sounds like her second effort didn’t go much better.

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According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the JE Cosmetics trademark is now listed as "dead" by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

An inquiry by UK tabloid The Sun revealed that the department killed Jenelle’s filing after it failed to receive a response from her within six months of the issue date. 

We have no way of knowing if Jenelle actually sold any products during her second time around, but no new reviews popped up on her website, and she let the trademark die within days of the relaunch.

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So yeah, it’s safe to assume she didn’t move a single unit. Sad!

Anyway, Jenelle’s second attempt at cashing in on the handful of people who still think she’s cool or interesting was the ill-conceived, subscription-based "lifestyle" site Jenelle’s World.

This was supposed to function as a combination gossip site and social media page for Jenelle fans.

For just 75 bucks a month, users could attain "bestie" status, which entitled them to exclusive content, a personalized birthday card, and even a once-a-month video chat session with Jenelle herself.

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Again, we don’t have access to the subscription figures, but it’s safe to say they’re dismal.

How do we know?

Well, Jenelle announced the site on June 11, and then didn’t upload any new content for nearly two weeks.

Twitter users who shelled out for a subscription out of curiosity report that she finally posted a video over the weekend.

Jenelle Evans Speaks Out on Body-Shaming: Screw You, Haters! David Loves Me!

And what did Jenelle diehards get after such a long wait?

A one-minute video in which Evans gives fans a glimpse of her morning routine.

Turns out she wakes up, makes her kids breakfast, makes a cup of coffee, and then runs some errands.

Needless to say, this is mind-blowing stuff.

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Aside from the fact that her entire family eats off paper plates, Jenelle’s morning routine looks just like anyone else’s.

Of course, that’s when the cameras are rolling.

When she’s not documenting her day, she probably rolls out of bed around noon and changes from her sleeping sweatpants into her TV-watching pair.

But hey, if things keep going the way they’re going Jenelle will be able to relate to her "fans" more than ever, because she’ll be setting an alarm and waking up early to go to a real job!