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In her desperation for Brandi Glanville to not tell people that they boned, Denise Richards has tried everything, including a cease and desist order.

Brandi Glanville on TV

Now, Brandi is opening up about the drama with Denise, what a sharp turn this season will take, and what she hopes Bravo won’t air.

Brandi Glanville spoke on The Rumour Mill podcast, touching on her issues with Denise Richards.

And oh, the "issues" she has.

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Though there has already been plenty of drama on the season thus far, Brandi warns that things are about to dramatically change.

"It’s gonna take a left real quick," she teases.

"I’m honestly nervous," Brandi admits.

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She says that she is nervous "just because you never know what they’re gonna show and I did say a couple really stupid things."

"I’m not in any hurry to see that part," Brandi acknowledges.

"But I always say stupid s–t," Brandi points out.

Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville Throwback
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"It’s why I get sued all the time," she adds, in reference to her infamous lawsuit from Joanna Krupa over the latter’s alleged vaginal odor.

It is also, of course, why she makes such an entertaining reality star.

"I have so many cease and desists," Brandi remarks.

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She shares: "I joke I can make a coffee table book out of all of them."

"We’re on TV, we said we’re going share everything and now you’re going to try and shut me up?" Brandi marvels.

"Don’t do a reality show."

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"I’m not gagged," Brandi says, clarifying that she is not under legal orders to keep quiet about Denise.

"It’s a cease and desist," she explains, "it doesn’t mean I have to follow it."

"But after being sued by another Housewife," Brandi says.

"I’m just choosing to figure out when and where and how I can talk."

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"I’m not gonna talk about it if she’s gonna sue me," Brandi explains. "It is what it is."

Additionally, she probably cannot give too much away about what happens this season.

She can hype it up, but Bravo wouldn’t want any spoilers.

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When asked if she might ever try to reconcile with Denise, Brandi admits: "I have no idea."

"I need to see what she’s been saying about me on the show," she points out.

"I don’t know what she said," Brandi shares. "I’ve heard it’s pretty bad."

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‘I will let you know," Brandi promises, "after I see what she’s been saying."

"I thought she was a cool girl, I wanted to be her friend," she admits.

"We became friends," she remarks, "and s–t went sideways."

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Brandi also makes it clear that she is not the sole source of drama in Denise’s storyline this season.

"Just so you know," she notes, "they had their own issues with Denise way before I did anything that I did. That’s all I can say."

That much has already been apparent.

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Will Brandi be taking part in this season’s Reunion special?

"They did ask, as far as I know, yes," Brandi answers, adding that she hopes that they can film in an actual studio.

"The virtual ones, it’s hard to watch," she opines. "They have a lot of episodes left, so hopefully this will all be over by the time that rolls around."

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"[Kyle’s] reached out to me and we’ve become friends," Brandi adds, sharing that she helped to mediate between her and Kim.

"We’ve had our hard times," she shares, "but at the the end of the day, I communicate between them when things aren’t good."

"They’re good right now," Brandi notes, "but when they weren’t I was able to be that middle person to help them communicate with each other."

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And despite everything, Brandi says that she harbors no ill will to Lisa Vanderpump.

"I was fighting with her, I was fighting with Kyle, I didn’t have any friends left," she recalls.

Brandi then remarks: "Why would they bring you back?"

Brandi Glanville Bashes Lisa Vanderpump
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"I needed a break," Brandi says of her departure from the show. "I was a little depressed."

"I had been through a lot on the show," she recalls. "I was drinking too much, it wasn’t fun anymore,"

"I was getting mad at the producers," Brandi describes. "The day I got fired, the day I found out, I slept okay. I was happy."

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While she has no beef with Sutton or Garcelle, the newcomers, Brandi takes issue with Dorit, remarking: "It’s like, she’s pretty — good, great." 

"She doesn’t know me," Brandi says, "and some of the stuff she said to me without knowing me, I was like, honey, go find a new accent."

"Leave me alone," she asks. "That’s all it is, she’s just pretty."

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Brandi does have issues with Camille Grammer, however.

"She became friends with Lisa Vanderpump," she explains, "and started coming after me on Twitter."

"She just lost her mind," Brandi remarks. "Where is this coming from? You’re being an a–hole for the sake of being an a–hole."

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"We were always friendly," Brandi notes. "I don’t think she makes a lot of sense in most of the things she does."

"Like, at the reunion attacking everyone," she points out. "Even me, and I wasn’t even there!"

Brandi certainly has no shortage of drama, even when she’s not filming.