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Decision-making has never been Jenelle Evans’ strong suit.

But even though we’ve spent the last decade watching the former Teen Mom 2 star collosally eff her life up, we still find ourselves a little impressed by her ability to do the exact wrong thing in every situation.

Take a look at this week’s insanity, for example.

Her wildly unstable and abusive spouse, David Eason, pistol-whipped a friend of Jenelle’s and got arrested twice in 24 hours.

He did this in front of the couple’s kids.

Eason threatened to blow her friend’s brains out but showed enough restraint – merely assaulting him with a deadly weapon – to somehow convince authorities to let him out of jail on bond.

And now, it looks as though she’s once again back together with the maniac who terrorizes her and everyone around her.

This, despite the fact that the Easons are broker than ever, and their perilous financial situation is mostly David’s fault.

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