Jenelle Evans: BACK TOGETHER With David Eason After He Beat Up Her Friend In Front of Her Kids!

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Decision-making has never been Jenelle Evans' strong suit.

But even though we've spent the last decade watching the former Teen Mom 2 star collosally eff her life up, we still find ourselves a little impressed by her ability to do the exact wrong thing in every situation.

Take a look at this week's insanity, for example.

Her wildly unstable and abusive spouse, David Eason, pistol-whipped a friend of Jenelle's and got arrested twice in 24 hours.

He did this in front of the couple's kids.

Eason threatened to blow her friend's brains out but showed enough restraint - merely assaulting him with a deadly weapon - to somehow convince authorities to let him out of jail on bond.

And now, it looks as though she's once again back together with the maniac who terrorizes her and everyone around her.

This, despite the fact that the Easons are broker than ever, and their perilous financial situation is mostly David's fault.

Scroll on for the full story on this bonkers situation:

1. The Gruesome Twosome

The Gruesome Twosome
Last week, David Eason was arrested for brutally attacking a male friend of Jenelle Evans'. Now, it looks as though the assault may have taken place in front of Evans' kids.

2. The Worst Dad

The Worst Dad
We probably don't need to tell you that these kids have already been traumatized enough, what with watching their dad murder the family dog during one of his temper tantrums last year.

3. Clueless and Complicit

Clueless and Complicit
Each new assault on his kids' psyches reminds us that David is a monster, and Jenelle could easily remove him from her life ... but she chooses not to.

4. Bad Idea

Bad Idea
The latest offense took place last on Thursday of last week. Two male friends of Jenelle's arrived at her home to help her collect her belongings after a bad fight with David.

5. Anger Management

Anger Management
Things turned ugly in a hurry when David pistol-whipped one of the men following a verbal argument.

6. The Ruckus

The Ruckus
The other man "attacked" David with a "spiked coat rack," but it looks as though no one was seriously injured.

7. Back Where He Belongs

Back Where He Belongs
Even so, David learned the hard way that you can't assault someone with a deadly weapon, even if they are on your property. He was arrested and taken into custody.

8. What a Winner

What a Winner
Fun fact: It was David's second arrest in less than 48 hours. Earlier in the week, he was hauled in for missing an unrelated court date.

9. Think of the Children

Think of the Children
Not so fun fact: It appears that David and Jenelle's kids bore witness to last week's pistol-whipping incident.

10. Small Miracles

Small Miracles
Well, we should say most of their kids. The ones of which they still don't have custody were mercifully elsewhere at the time of the incident.

11. A Stable Home

A Stable Home
“The kids witnessed the altercation, they were crying. They saw David hit James [Spivey] with the gun," a source tells UK newspaper The Sun.

12. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
"When he hit him in the back, if that gun went off, his kids would’ve been in jeopardy. The kids would’ve been dead," the insider adds.

13. Too Much, Too Soon

Too Much, Too Soon
It was just last year that Jenelle and David lost custody of their children following a violent incident in their home. The source thinks that arrangement was for the best.

14. Putting It Bluntly

Putting It Bluntly
"CPS needs to be involved. The kids need to be protected," the source says.

15. He Has a Way of Making Everything Worse

He Has a Way of Making Everything Worse
The insider says Jenelle planned to take the kids and leave David even before the pistol-whipping incident -- but he interfered with those plans.

16. Taking Precautions

Taking Precautions
“She was scared to go alone and she needed help to get her kids and belongings.”

17. Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave
Unfortunately, when David realized what was happening, the situation quickly “took a turn for the worse.”

18. His Favorite Outfit

His Favorite Outfit
“When David came out of the bedroom, he was in a towel. He went back in the room and came out with blue jean shorts and a pistol," the source says.

19. The Attack

The Attack
“David told him he wanted to ‘f--k him up.’ He then shoved him in the chest and he landed on his lower back," the informant adds.

20. A Familiar Scene

Apparently, the victim, who is disabled by severe back issues, “feared for his life,” while Jenelle was “laid back,” having witnessed this sort of thing many times before.

21. Baby Davey

Baby Davey
It was then that Spivey grabbed the coat rack that David claims he was "assaulted" with.

22. The Litigious Type

The Litigious Type
"He just used it as a shield. He did not shove him. He was defending himself," says the source.

23. Hard Times

Hard Times
All of this comes at a time when David won't be able to afford the sort of legal counsel to which he's accustomed.

24. In Deep

In Deep
He and Jenelle were recently hit with a $46,000 lien for not paying taxes in 2017. Just wait until the IRS scopes out their 2018 and 2019 returns!

25. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Despite all of this, it appears that Jenelle has already moved back in with David.

26. Not the Brightest Bulb

Not the Brightest Bulb
Eagle-eyed fans noticed her in the background of his latest Instagram Story, which appears to have been shot on The Land.

27. Enjoy!

Obviously, it's a sad situation for the kids, but frankly -- these two deserve each other.

28. UPDATE: Yep, They're Back Together

UPDATE: Yep, They're Back Together
Well, it looks as though our worst fears have been confirmed. According to James Spivey -- the guy who defended himself with the coat rack -- Jenelle and David are 100 percent back together.

29. And She's Lying About It!

And She's Lying About It!
“She’s claiming she’s with relatives, but it’s the opposite. She’s staying at the property. They’re back together," Spivey told The Sun.

30. Solid Reasoning

Solid Reasoning
And what is Jenelle's reason for welcoming back the man who terrorized her children? Well, he's a warm body ...

31. All He's Good For

All He's Good For
“She made it very clear she doesn’t want to be alone. She doesn’t want to live on the property alone,” Spivey said.

32. What a Tangled Web

What a Tangled Web
Jenelle also told James that she planned to file for a restraining order against David, but she has yet to do so.

33. Completely Full Of It

Completely Full Of It
“She hasn’t filed the restraining order. On Friday she had the paperwork for the restraining order, but did not file it on Monday like she said," Spivey told The Sun.

34. Yeah, She's Not Doing It

Yeah, She's Not Doing It
“When she reached out to me and Josh, she said she had to get out of the relationship. She said she was filing a restraining order, but she didn’t do it," Spivey continued.

35. Frightening Times

Frightening Times
We'll keep an eye on this situation as more information becomes available. Something tells us it's not gonna end well ...

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