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Well, we probably should have seen this one coming.

Jenelle Evans is broke; no mainstream media outlet on the planet will work with her; and she’ll do anything to avoid getting a real job for the first time in her life.

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So it stands to reason that she would launch a "project" as narcissistic, tone deaf, and painfully ill-conceived as Jenelle’s World — the new subscription-based website where fans can shell out actual American dollars for "exclusive content" from everyone’s least-favorite former reality star.

Yes, though the name might conjure images of a cable-access TV show based out of Aurora, Illinois, Jenelle’s World is actually some sort of blog/vlog/social media hybrid produced on Evans’ swampy, fallow farm in rural North Carolina.

Evans announced the project with one of her awkward self-shot Instagram videos on Wednesday night.

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"LETS GOOOO! Ever wanted to connect with me on a personal level?!" Evans asked her followers.

"Want to see what I’m REALLY up to these days? I just launched my new site Jenelle’s World! Sign up for exclusive EVERYTHING!" she continued.

"Get rid of the haters and only want to hear from my true fans! See ya there!"

Can someone remind Jenelle she spent a decade as one of the stars of a popular television series?

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She has the camera presence of a quarantined boomer trying to navigate her first Zoom call.

Anyway, as though the planet weren’t already beset by enough tragedy and chaos, Jenelle’s World is already live.

For the low, low price of just $75 a month (we kid you not), you can become a premium member, which entitles you to such benefits as:

"PDF version of My Book "Read between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom"

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"A Real Birthday Card delivered for your Birthday!"

"Personal Shout Outs in the Private Group LIVES"

And the real gem:

An "Exclusive 1 on 1 Private Monthly Session" with Jenelle.

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How will long will the session be? What will the two of you talk about?

Well, that’s up to Jenelle, which means the virtual meet-and-greet will probably never happen.

But if you do manage to get her on cam, you can ask her about typical, everyday problems, like what to do when your husband murders your dog during one of his infamous fits of rage.

And how is the site doing in its firs day of operations?

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Well, that’s tough to say, as Jenelle appears to be inflating her numbers while hiding actual subscription data.

"Okay so I ‘signed up’ just to get info & the followers she has (currently 968) is just the people who have put in an email… not people who have actually paid to be part of this little cult she’s starting lol," wrote one follower.

We’re not sure if Evans has the charisma to pull off being a cult leader, but that won’t stop her from trying!

Whatever the case, judging from Jenelle’s TikTok dance videos, she’s drinking a lot more than Kool-Aid these days!