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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Sister Wives fans have a lot of time on their hands these days.

And now, thanks to a shocking video that went viral last week, these same fans now have something to contemplate during this quarantine:

Have Meri and Kody Brown been duping series viewers for months now?!?

meri, kody

As loyal Sister Wives supporters likely know, Meri and Kody haven’t been getting along for a very long time.

They separated back in 2015. They attended marriage counseling sessions on an episode of Season 14. They didn’t acknowledge their recent wedding anniversary.

By every account, it has seemed as if the relationship is dead and over, as Meri herself has confessed.

But… might we all have been duped?

2 Browns
Photo via Instagram

This question is on the minds of Sister Wives fans because Meri was presenting a Facebook video a few days ago on behalf of LuLaRoe, a company that specializes in women’s attire.

She does this often.

At one point during the presentation, Kody burst into the room.

He told Meri that he needed documents signed right at that very moment because he then had to take the papers someplace else.

Meri Brown, No Ring
Photo via Instagram

This interruption was confusing for a few reasons:

1. Meri didn’t seem all that shocked that Kody was there, despite the assumption (on our end, at least) that she and her husband barely see each other.

2. What the heck were these documents for?

3. What on Earth was the basis for the conversation that followed?

Meri Brown and Kody Brown Celebrate Her Birthday
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This is what we mean:

After the paper mess was sorted out, Kody and Meri had a friendly exchange in which they talked about their stress levels during quarantine.

During this back-and-forth, the Sister Wives couple even discussed the possibility of taking CBD for anxiety, something Meri said her daughter, Mariah Brown, and Mariah’s fiancée, Audrey Kriss, had suggested it to her.

Kody seemed open to the idea, referring to it as an “herbal supplement."

Meri Brown and Kody
Photo via Instagram

This surprising conversation has prompted viewers to ask yet another question:

Are Meri and Kody teaming up in some kind of professional manner?

Are they about to sell CBD oil together?

This is a liquid that has been studied for its potential role in easing symptoms of many common health issues, including anxiety, depression, acne and heart disease.

For those with cancer, it could even provide a natural alternative for pain and symptom relief.

Meri in Nature
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Now, Meri and Kody could have been having a harmless and/or meaningless conversation about this topic.

And yet: the timing seemed awfully coincidental, didn’t it?

Kody just happened to walk in… when Meri just happened to be talking to thousands of Facebook friends about her business… and they just happened to bring up something such as CBD oil?

We don’t know exactly what this all means.

It just seems keeping an eye on.