Meri Brown Basically Admits Sister Wives is Total BS

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Meri Brown has lifted the curtain on her family's long-running reality show.

And fans of Sister Wives may not like what they can now see.

Meri Brown as a Sister Wife

The TLC personality, whose journey on the latest season of this controversial program mostly shed light on her crumbling marriage to Kody Brown, engaged over the weekend in a revealing Instagram exchange.

“You look fabulous, Meri! [I] Didn’t see enough of you on this past season. I hope you’re well!” one fan commented on one of Meri’s recent online photos.

The 49-year old sort of hurled producers under the bus in response, making it evident that what you see on television doesn't exactly paint a very clear or broad picture of her and her relationships.

“Well, ya know, those 17 hours of my life you see out of the year, they’re selective about what they show LOL!” she wrote.

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Meri, Kody, Janelle, Robyn and Christine saw Season 14 of Sister Wives cut short by the coronavirus outbreak.

There will not be a Tell-All special this year, as there always had been in the past, due to a shut down in production and there's no guarantee that TLC will renew the show for Season 15.

Not after a run of episodes that was largely criticized by viewers for being repetitive and boring.

Many folks out there grew sick of an ongoing storyline that focused on Kody pushing his spouses to let him build on huge mansion for everyone in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Meri B

During most of the 17 hours Meri refers to above, she was clashing with her spiritual husband over both this proposal and also the state of their marriage in general.

We watched the pair spend time in therapy, for example, where Kody expressed regret for ever marrying Meri and Meri said the romance was most definitely over.

Nearly every Sunday night, fans would watch an episode...

... and then encourage Meri to leave her selfish and mean-spirited husband.

Meri on Sister Wives

Now, however, many of these same fans aren't sure what to think.

We have Meri herself admitting that viewers don't really know what's going on... while we also have a video filmed a few days ago that features Kody barging into a work presentation Meri is giving.

Despite implications that she and Kody aren't seeing each other these days and assumptions that their romance is a thing of the past, Meri seems totally relaxed and cordial with Kody when this happens.

As has been speculated, it's making some people wonder if the two are actually on great terms and maybe even working together. 

Meri Brown with a Smirk

Like with all reality shows, questions have often arisen over whether Sister Wives is scripted.

And, to be clear, Meri is NOT saying in the message featured here that what you're seeing on television each week is fake.

However, she is giving fans a reason to wonder whether footage is edited and/or selected in a certain way to boost ratings and maybe even deceive the viewer into thinking one thing about her relationship with Kody...

... when the opposite is actually true.

We're not sure what to believe anymoore. Do we now need to reconsider the rankings below?!?

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