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About four months after welcoming her first child, Carlin Bates has shared an update on Instagram.

Sadly, however, it’s not a very positive one.

Carlin Bates and Family
Photo via Instagram

In a revealing post on Saturday, the Bringing Up Bates star said that daughter Layla, who was born on January 31, is experiencing breathing issues and has wound up in hospital on a couple of occasions.

The very young child has been diagnosed with a heart condition.

‘There have been many ups and downs since our precious Layla was born. In some ways I feel like the hospital has become our 2nd home!" wrote Bates on social media, adding in further detail:

Here’s a little backstory and we deeply appreciate your prayer.

Photo via Instagram

"Since Layla was born, she has had breathing problems and episodes of turning blue where she can’t catch her breath.

"When these first started happening  we thought, ‘Well, maybe it’s because she was premature, so that’s what’s causing her to struggle more.’"

Carlin and her husband, Evan, said earlier this year that Layla came into the world weighing in at 5 pounds 13 ounces and measuring 18 inches in length.

"Although she came earlier than we expected, this is the best kind of celebration we have ever experienced, and we are so in love with our new role as parents!" they said at the time.

"If you keep up with our YouTube, I had become very sick and ended up in the hospital for a few days with meningitis," continued Bates on her status update this weekend, adding:

"Since the doctor couldn’t determine what I had at first,  Layla had to go home with my sister Erin.

"When we got a call the next day explaining that she was having rapid breathing and turning blue, I panicked pretty hard."

Of course, right? Any parent would react in the same way.

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"She was rushed to Children’s Hospital, and I was overcome with fear of the unknown, along with feeling guilty that I couldn’t be there with her," continued Bates.

"Evan  went back and forth from hospital to hospital, checking on us both. I felt so alone, and struggled to put my faith and trust in God."

We really can’t imagine going through this,

It’s every mother’s nightmare, you know?

Carlin Bates Baby Piic
Photo via Instagram

Continued Carlin:

"When I got out of the hospital, the doctors told me Layla’s EKG  levels weren’t reading right and told us  we needed to have a follow up appointment with a heart specialist."

It turned out that Layla has a hole in her heart.

The couple has told that holes in baby’s hearts often close by themselves.

However, in the meantime, Bates has ordered a special sock to monitor Layla’s heart rate and oxygen levels “because this nervous mother couldn’t sleep at night!”

This is how Bates concluded on Instagram:

Although we’re still so nervous about the outcomes of everything, I know my God is in control and He’s writing our little story. I am so thankful for His protection over my sweet baby girl. We’ve been in some scary places, but I know I can lean on Jesus.

I may have many fears and worries, but I’m doing my best to place them in His hands.

Photo via Instagram

Becoming a mother has grown me in so many ways, and I’m beyond blessed that God gave me this little girl. We appreciate all your prayers for Layla Rae.

Carlin and Stewart met in the fall of 2016 and married at Castleton Farms in Tennessee in May 2019.

They announced in September that they were expecting their first child.

We wish them the very best.