Hannah Ann Sluss on Going From Peter Weber to Mason Rudolph: Upgrade of the CENTURY!

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Whether or not Peter Weber is really the worst Bachelor of all time, as some fans insist, there's no denying that Hannah Ann Sluss got a raw deal from his season.

Peter proposed to Hannah Ann, she accepted, and then -- in the anti-climax to end all anti-climaxes -- he just sort of allowed the relationship to fizzle out over the course of a month, forcing her to hunt him down and break it off.

Hannah Ann Throwback

At first, Hannah seemed to be holding a major grudge against Peter.

And for obvious reasons, no one blamed her.

But as the weeks turned into months, fans began to feel that Hannah Ann was going too far in her disparaging comments about Peter.

What once came off as righteous indignation now seemed to be nothing more than brooding bitterness.

Hannah Ann Sluss Dress

Fortunately, Hannah Ann has now moved on and is rumored to be dating Mason Rudolph of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But she found time to take one more shot at Peter before leaving him in her rearview mirror forever.

First, Hannah hinted at her newfound contentment with the post below.

“Happiness is on me, so you’re off the hook,” she captioned the photo.

HannahAnn Pic

Obviously, she could be referring to any number of things there, but c'mon ... she's totally talking about Peter.

It's a welcome change from Hannah's previous comments about Weber, and it seems her new positive outlook is largely a result of her relationship with Rudolph.

Hannah Ann has yet to officially confirm that she's dating Mason, but she sent a pretty clear message without saying a word this week.

A Bachelor fan page on Instagram noted that someone commented, “THE UPGRADE OF THE CENTURY!” on a TMZ post about Hannah and Mason's rumored romance.

Hannah Ann, Mason

Interestingly, Hannah "liked" the comment.

That's the closest she's come to going "Instagram official" with Mason, and as a bonus, she got to sneak in one last jab at Peter.

Mason seems to be more Hannah's type, as she previously griped that Weber was not "manly" enough for her liking.

But hey, don't go crying for Pilot Pete.

Peter Weber in a Promo Pic

It appears that Peter is doing just fine these days.

He's dating Kelley Flanagan, and his family can't stop singing the lawyer's praises on social media.

So against all odds, Peter's trainwreck of a season actually worked out for several people involved.

Of course, that doesn't change the fact that it was a nightmare for viewers.

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