Hannah Ann Sluss and Mason Rudolph: Dating?!

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Now that she's moved on from Peter Weber, Hannah Ann Sluss is back on the market and newly single.

As an attractive young model, she's probably never had much trouble finding a date, but these days, Hannah has options that may not have been available to her before.

Hannah Ann and Mason

And if the latest news on her love life is to be believed, she's taking full advantage of her time in the spotlight.

According to a new report from TMZ, Hannah was spotted getting coffee with Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph this week.

"They very much seemed lovey-dovey. He even opened her car door," one witness told the site.

Obviously, getting coffee together is hardly an indication that it's time to pick out wedding china.

Hannah A.

But there are two important considerations worth noting here:

1. We're living in pandemic times, and these two broke quarantine for their date.

That's a major sign of commitment these days.

2. Hannah Ann has talked about her "quarantine boyfriend" in recent podcast interviews, and she specifically said they've been bonding over coffee.

Hannah Ann Sluss on the Instagram

As you're probably aware, Hannah Ann accepted Peter's proposal on The Bachelor, but he later broke off the engagement so that he could half-heartedly pursue Madison Prewett.

Among football fans, Rudolph is probably best known for an infamous scuffle that took place last season, during which he was smashed in the face with a helmet by Myles Garrett of the Cincinnati Bengals.

So Mason and Hannah Ann have a lot in common.

Mason Rudolph

They both know pain, and they've both been done dirty on national TV.

Hannah Ann apparently has a thing for football players, as TMZ reports that she was spotted hugging Jacksonville Jaguars QB Josh Dobbs back in early March before the lockdown.

The preference for brawny jocks may explain Hannah's remarks about Peter not being "manly" enough for her tastes.

So has Mason been romancing Hannah Ann from a distance during quarantine?

Hannah Ann on Instagram

Well, it may be quite some time before we know for sure.

While she has yet to reveal her mystery man's identity, Hannah has stated that she's taking it slow with her current beau.

So if it was Mason she was referring to, it seems these two aren't rushing into anything, which is probably a good thing.

After all, they've both been hurt by rushing before.

Get it? Like pass rushing? We'll show ourselves out ...

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