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For weeks now, we’ve known that Peter Weber is dating Kelley Flanagan and spending all of his free time at her Chicago apartment.

(As a pilot, Peter is considered an essential worker, and must continue flying the friendly skies amid the pandemic.)

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In less apocalyptic times, we might think Peter and Kelley were just hooking up, but shuttling between states in the times of ‘rona seems like a lot of work for a casual "friends with benefits" arrangement.

Anyway, Peter and Kelley aren’t big on talking about their relationship publicly, which makes sense.

After all, they didn’t get off to the most auspicious start on his season of The Bachelor, what with Kelley not even making the final four, and Peter getting engaged to someone else.

Fortunately, we can glean a lot from the TikTok content the couple posts on an almost-daily basis.

Kelley and Peter Weber

Last week, it was rumored that Peter and Kelley broke up, but we now know that Peter was just absent from Kelley’s apartment due to his professional duties.

Not only is he back in Chi Town this week, he’s speaking with more candor than ever about his fifth-place finisher-turned-number one.

Of course, he’s still speaking indirectly, and the fine folks at Cosmo had to sift through Peter’s TikTok comments to get the latest on his feelings toward Kelley.

"CEO of sending someone home and then being with them after the show," a user joked on one video posted by the twosome.

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"Awk, what do you have to say about this @kelleyflanagan," Peter promptly replied (sadly, Kelley kept mum on the matter).

"Imagine being kelley and having your bf engaged and chose 3 people before you," another follower wrote, prompting Peter to respond, "Damn that would be awkward no?!"

A pretty weak clap back, but it’s worth noting that at no point did Peter deny that Kelley is his girlfriend.

This might be the closest we’ll come to a relationship confirmation with these two.

Kelley F. Photo

From there, Peter continued to sing Kelley’s praises while getting a little defensive about his own indecisiveness.

"Kelley = CEO of being the last possible option," one user wrote (ed. note: Is calling people the CEO of something a TikTok thing?).

"Ok, it’s not like I sent her home night one…" Peter replied.

That’s certainly true, and this isn’t the first time a former Bachelor hooked up with someone he sent home, but it is the first time one entered a serious relationship with a fifth place finisher.

Kelley Flanagan

"Kelly must be tired from holding you AND the entire season on her back," one fan commented on a video in which Peter climbed on Kelley’s shoulders.

"She’s the real mvp," Peter commented.

Well, that’s something we can all agree on.

At the very least, Kelley is the CEO of saintly patience for standing by this guy through one seriously bonkers year.