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Real talk:

Gwendlyn Brown knows more about the lives of the Sister Wives than you do.

The 18-year old daughter of Kody and Christine Brown, Gwendlyn has spent her entire life as a member of a most unusual family.

Gwendlyn Brown
Photo via Instagram

She has one biological father and one biological mother… and then three other spiritual mothers and many other half-siblings that have been around since the day she was born.

So… with talk of whether Sister Wives will continue as a TV show and also whether this lifestyle is healthy for those involved, fans are curious to hear Gwendlyn’s thoughts.

What is it actually like to grow up within a plural marriage?

How does one handle the fact that one’s dad and so many children by so many women and everyone is simply cool with it?

Kody Brown with Wives
Photo via tLC

As one of Kody’s 18 kids, Gwendlyn has a unique perspective on the situation — and she recently gave a surprising response to a question posed to her about it on social media.

Will you be choosing polygamy for yourself? a user asked Gwendlyn a couple days ago.

No I’m selfish and would get jealous too easily, the teenager replied, prior to adding:

But 100% support all the women and men who pursue this lifestyle for themselves.

This is a very fair answer, of course.

However, even with Gwendlyn noting that she supports all women who choose to be polygamous… she’s still taking a subtle, even unintentional, shot at them with the above quote.

The 18-year old uses the word "selfish," but she really means that she’s too strong of a person to share her husband.

After all, come on now: It’s not "selfish" for a wife to want her husband to remain committed to her and her only — nor does it make one "jealous" because one has a problem with one’s husband sleeping around.

Without meaning to, Gwendlyn is calling Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn insecure and even kind of trouble by providing this reply.

Sister Wives, United
Photo via TLC

Gwendlyn is Christine and Kody’s fourth child together.

The Sister Wives patriarch is only legally married to one woman – Robyn – while his marriages to Meri, Janelle and Christine are considered "spiritual unions."

Many of his children have vowed to stay away from polygamy, including Maddy Bush (pictured below), who got married Caleb Bush in 2016.

"We support Maddie’s family with their choice of living plural marriage and they support us with our choice in just marrying each other," Caleb said at the time.

Photo via Instagram

As for what comes next for Kody and company?

We wish we knew.

The polarizing television personality clashed with his spouses throughout this latest season of Sister Wives, with insiders speculating over whether he wants to take on a fifth wife.

This has been a rumor for quite awhile, though it’s never been confirmed by Kody.

Brown, Kody

As for Gwendlyn’s stance that she’ll never be a polygamist?

None of her famiily members has commented on it just yet, but it likely doesn’t come as a surprise to any of her relatives.

Christine, meanwhile, is the one Brown thus far to actually give fans some hope.

She’s strongly hinted that another season of Sister Wives is, indeed, on the way.