Farrah Abraham Praises Self on Website for Sophia: I'm a Respected Icon!

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Reality TV villain Farrah Abraham has been using her 11-year-old daughter for publicity and profit for years.

Farrah has now launched a website for Sophia ... and she's making it all about her and her barely intelligible word salads.

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Anyone can mess up a sentence. The more that you write, the more errors you produce. It's normal.

But in Farrah Abraham's case, she generates word salad so regularly that it's rarer to see her produce intelligible statements.

This phenomenon also arises in her speech. She serves word salads for every meal.

So it is no great surprise that when she launched a website for 11-year-old Sophia, Farrah peppered it with barely readable nonsense.

Sophia Abraham website panel photo 01

While the website was presumably designed by a professional, its written content bears the unmistakable mark of Farrah.

The good folks over at The Ashley picked up a number of the most bonkers lines that Farrah wrote.

"Sophia’s passion of singing, dancing, acting, and modeling matched with her silly, brilliance makes her one to watch in 2020," she writes.

Sophia's silly, brilliance notwithstanding, that mostly made sense.

Farrah Abraham Teaches Sophia Abraham to Be a Bully

"Sophia has been featured on covers of Life&Style, Us weekly, INTouch, and hundreds of top media and press news outlets," Farrah writes.

She says that Sophia has been featured "for her eyebrows, loosing teeth, birthdays, top girls name, beauty brands, social platforms and much more."

That is ... a deeply weird list, mostly for the inclusion of top girls name.

That's just a bizarre thing to list. Also she put two Os in "losing" but we can let that one slide, right?

Sophia Abraham Advertises Scooters

"Sophia has been featured in music videos such as “Blowin” for anti-bullying that grossed over 3 million views," Farrah boasts.

She adds: "covers of a New York Times Best selling book “My Teenage Dream Ended“ with over 500,000 copies sold."

"Sophia also has created a natural beauty kit for mothers and children that is seasonal “Mommy & Me” Kit," Farrah writes.

It's always interesting to look at the points in the sentence where Farrah's ability to string words together coherently breaks down.

Rocking a Red Carpet

"Sophia is currently raised by her loving mother and highly regarded celebrity icon and business woman, Farrah Abraham," she claims.

Whether or not Farrah is a "loving mother" is not exactly settled among fans, but sure, let's let that one go.

"Highly regarded," she says? By whom? Farrah is infamous for her bad behavior, including racist rants.

Yes, Farrah is a businesswoman. You don't have to be successful or even good at it to have that title, you just have to try.

Sophia Abraham website panel photo 02

"Sophia has continued her career in acting, singing, modeling," Farrah writes.

Confusingly, she continues: "from reality television and entertainment on MTV’s hit Franchised shows Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG."

Farrah even plugs: "new season this 2020."

Why, we wonder, is she plugging the franchise that she claims to despise? Perhaps because as long as it exists, she can more easily make headlines.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham, Scooter Giveaway

Here is where Farrah's attempt at writing sentences turns into a true word jumble.

"This mom & daughter duo concurs the scripted scene in LA among the public antics her single mom goes through," Farrah writes.

She continues: "elevating in this next decade for them both in this becoming of age podcast."

Well that is nothing but gibberish. 

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Get Weird on Tik Tok

Farrah's sentences don't make sense because her thoughts are erratic.

What we see as nonsensical word salad may make perfect sense to her, which may partially explain her abhorrent political leanings.

We have to wonder ... when Farrah reads structured, coherent sentences, do they seem zany and disorganized to her?

One day, maybe Sophia will write a book about what it's really been like with Farrah as her mom.

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