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For several weeks now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have broken up.

Some say the split happened while Scott was in rehab, while others insist his decision to seek treatment was a result of the breakup.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie on a Couch

Whatever the case, neither party has spoken publicly about the alleged separation, but this seems to be a case in which their silence speaks volumes.

Last week, Sofia was spotted hiking with a group of friends, and Scott was conspicuously absent from the outing.

This week, Disick celebrated his 37th birthday, and Sofia failed to publicly acknowledge the occasion in any way.

Obviously, she’s in no way obligated to do so, especially if she and Scott are broken up.

Scott and Sofia in Black and White

But Scott and Sofia are both very public people whose careers are rooted in their relationships with their fans.

If they wanted to set the record straight about their relationship, Scott’s birthday would have been the ideal time to do so.

And the fact that they didn’t might tell us all we need to know about this situation.

For many fans who were previously unsure of what to think, Scott’s birthday seemed to be a nail-in-the-coffin-type situation.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Look Sad

Suddenly, no matter what Sofia posted, a huge segment of the comments were inquiring her relationship with Scott.

“Have you and Scott broken up?”one fan asked.

“Where’s Scott?” another echoed.

“Are you with Scott?” a third chimed in.

Scott Holds Sofia

Given that Sofia has 6.4 million followers, and Scott remains linked to one of the world’s most famous families, it should come as no surprise that the prying didn’t end there.

“I don’t think they’re together anymore,” one fan wrote, according to Hollywood Life.

“You’re not Scott’s girlfriend anymore?” another asked.

“How come I don’t see Scott Disick liking any of your photos?” one amateur sleuth queried.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Private Plane

As expected, Sofia remained mum and did not reply to any of the comments.

Scott, of course, has been steering clear of social media since before he went to rehab.

Not only has he declined to comment on the Sofia situation, he hasn’t posted anything on Instagram at all in the past 4 weeks.

Obviously, that’s highly unusual for someone who adores the spotlight as much as Scott.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA

His lawyers insist Disick’s rehab stint was not a result of his relationship or his history of substance abuse.

In a public statement, they insisted that Disick decided to seek help for unresolved emotional issues related to the passing of his parents.

Whatever the case, we hope Scott is able to find whatever kind of help he needs.

And we hope he and Sofia are able to reach an arrangement that’s healthy and amicable for all parties involved.