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If you thought that Farrah Abraham couldn’t get worse than calling the coronavirus pandemic “fun” … well, strap yourselves in.

Farrah is putting Bill Gates, of all people, on blast.

The billionaire philanthropist has of course poured a tremendous amount of resources into working on a vaccine for COVID-19.

But the former Teen Mom star doesn’t see it that way.

Rather, she accuses him of making the coronavirus and unleashing it as part of some sort of “social experiment.” Yes, really.

In one of the 28-year-old’s most unhinged word salads yet, she goes on to call the Microsoft founder a “modern day Hitler.”

Abraham has clearly been reading bonkers coronavirus-related conspiracy theories … but her version is beyond bad.

And more than a little garbled. And borderline incoherent and slightly terrifying that a person like this has a platform, really.

From Farrah, we wouldn’t expect anything less.