Farrah Abraham Blames Bill Gates For This Pandemic 'Cause of Course She Does

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If you thought that Farrah Abraham couldn't get worse than calling the coronavirus pandemic "fun" ... well, strap yourselves in.

Farrah is putting Bill Gates, of all people, on blast.

The billionaire philanthropist has of course poured a tremendous amount of resources into working on a vaccine for COVID-19.

But the former Teen Mom star doesn't see it that way.

Rather, she accuses him of making the coronavirus and unleashing it as part of some sort of "social experiment." Yes, really.

In one of the 28-year-old's most unhinged word salads yet, she goes on to call the Microsoft founder a "modern day Hitler."

Abraham has clearly been reading bonkers coronavirus-related conspiracy theories ... but her version is beyond bad.

And more than a little garbled. And borderline incoherent and slightly terrifying that a person like this has a platform, really.

From Farrah, we wouldn't expect anything less.

1. Farrah has some THOUGHTS on COVID-19

Farrah has some THOUGHTS on COVID-19
Brace yourselves, because she's buying into some absolute lunacy and she's managing to be racist about it at the same time. Her post does not make any sense at all. Classic Farrah.

2. Farrah's post includes this

Farrah's post includes this
In a very short clip of a remote interview between Bill Gates and The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, the two discuss the importance of preparing for the next epidemic and Trevor says that he hopes to see the billionaire philanthropist on the tennis courts again soon -- once the current pandemic has passed.

3. Farrah has completely lost her mind

Farrah has completely lost her mind
"Wow play tennis together," Farrah remarks, accusing Trevor and Bill of being "buddies doing an interview to cover up."

4. Cover up WHAT?

Cover up WHAT?
"@billgates is ok killing people, wasting billions of dollars," Farrah rants. By the way, that is not his actual Instagram handle.

5. She also makes it racist

She also makes it racist
"This a man made patented virus #wuhanvirus that Bill Gates says is not man made?" Farrah asks. (No, it's not man-made, and no country or organization has the tech to engineer this coronavirus. Also, calling it the "Wuhan virus" is a deliberate effort to villainize Chinese folks)

6. Then it gets worse

Then it gets worse
"Bill Gates only talks about wanting billions from the government yet claims he’s wealthy enough to know these things already? He was good with computers not people who talk back after being infected with his viruses he created," she accuses. She's out of her gourd.

7. She thinks that he donates to viruses

She thinks that he donates to viruses
"Doctors in infectious disease should only be talking & not covering up the truth of modern day hitler @thisisbillgates Bill Gates can pay and give more to viruses and not help people yet letting people be killed and claim HE ONLY HAS THE VACCINE WE ALL NEED," Farrah whines incoherently.

8. Farrah just can't stop herself

Farrah just can't stop herself
"He’s no savior when he allowed this out break & all of his friends host news shows to not ask more pressing questions -good luck playing tennis when your friend @thisisbillgates doesn’t care when you die because you we’re apart of his social virus experiment that you never gave consent in being his trial research project for and looks forward to taking your money with his 'vaccine' he hasn’t had for over 5 years," she rambles.

9. Her brain is just full of worms

Her brain is just full of worms
"Why is some host ok hearing any percentage of deaths is ok?" she asks, not understanding why projections of fewer deaths are seen as positive. "Bill Gates you claim to have a foundation to already have vaccines made but you failed at getting a vaccine made for over 5 years."

10. Lock him up?

Lock him up?
"He should be in jail with his mentally ill power trip that has lead to millions of deaths," Farrah decrees without even a hint of self-awareness.

11. She wants to #cancel Bill Gates

She wants to #cancel Bill Gates
Farrah calls for: "All of those he persuaded in federal government and media should stop supporting anyone person who thinks it’s ok people of any percentage die for his gain of money & wealth that should only go to real doctors with real backgrounds in disease control."

12. She only wants to hear from "disease doctors"

She only wants to hear from "disease doctors"
"Enough Said! I want to hear a disease doctor speak ... oh wait my mom married one," Farrah says. Does this somehow make Farrah qualified?

13. This is how she ends it

This is how she ends it
"Stay Safe & God Bless Everyone Who cares about senior citizens, youth & our economy & society," Farrah trails off. "In one nation under God With Liberty & Justice for all. #america #coronavirus."

14. What ... does any of that mean?

What ... does any of that mean?
Let's break it down: Farrah accuses Bill Gates of 1) inventing COVID-19 as some sort of massive social experiment, 2) either failing to come up with a vaccine in a timely manner or of creating a vaccine that is somehow not what it appears (it looks like she says both), and 3) of trying to cover up all of this.

15. Why does she believe any of this?

Why does she believe any of this?
It looks like Farrah read some deeply unhinged conspiracy theories and, because she's Farrah, she didn't really understand the bonkers stuff that she was reading and it all got scrambled up in her head and then came pouring out as word salad when she saw that clip.

16. What's the conspiracy theory?

What's the conspiracy theory?
This is Liz Crokin, a woman who once, after injuring her wrist while surfing, accused Hillary Clinton of causing it to happen with sorcery, which makes her a very representative figure for the "QAnon" community -- people who believe in a host of pretend things. Basically, they believe that the illuminati/deep state/etc is made up of any famous person you could name (except for Donald Trump or people who like him) and that they are all Satan-worshipers who traffick and abuse children. The real kicker is that they believe that the abuse of children is just a means to an end -- because these "elites" supposedly extract and enjoy adrenochrome from these children as their favored drug.

17. It gets weirder

It gets weirder
The way that this relates to the coronavirus pandemic is layered, because lots of bats--t people have competing opinions. Some of them, like Crokin, claim that the coronavirus was engineered by Bill Gates but that celebrities are getting sick because some "white hats" (random good guys) managed to tain the adrenochrome supply with the virus. Others believe that the pandemic is purely a cover so that Trump can carry out mass arrests of a secret society of Satanic adrenochrome-huffing celebrities who control the world.

18. Why does Farrah believe this?

Why does Farrah believe this?
Besides having worms in her brain, you mean? Probably because it's circulated on the very fringes of right-wing politics, and Farrah has been drawn to that for some time, now.

19. Why did she make the post?

Why did she make the post?
Any of us can make a typo or transposed word - chances are pretty good that I've done that while writing this post. It's so easy to do because it all "sounds" right in our heads as we write. Well, Farrah's barely intelligible word salads sound reasonable in her mind when she speaks or writes them.

20. Is this harmless?

Is this harmless?
No. Remember PizzaGate -- the dude who brought a gun to a pizza restaurant because he truly believed that the restaurant's non-existant basement was used to traffic children? That guy was hooked on the same web of deranged conspiracy theories that Farrah was. This isn't like somebody's annoying contrarian friend who thinks that the moon landing was faked. These theories put people in danger.

21. We wonder ...

We wonder ...
Next to Bill Gates, one of the names brought up the most recently by these folks has been Tom Hanks, as they have long believed that he's one of the biggest bad guys in this, again, secret society of Satanic drugs-from-tortured-children-using celebrities. They saw his diagnosis of COVID-19 as some sort of confirmation that he's one of them. So we wonder if Farrah believes that Tom Hanks is part of this, or if she only has her sights on Bill Gates.

22. You know what's sad?

You know what's sad?
Sophia. Every time that we see Farrah put her nonsense on display, we're reminded that Sophia is around Farrah 24/7 -- because she didn't go to school, even before the pandemic -- and that Farrah is her whole world. Sophia deserves better.

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