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When it comes to social distancing, recent Bachelor/Bachelorette cast members are teaching a master class in what not to do.

Some of the past rose warriors have been coupling up for interstate romances (we’re looking at you, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan!) while others have been cohabiting in groups and churning out endless streams of TikTok content.

Victoria Fuller Chris Soules

Both situations are not exactly ideal in terms of limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Anyway, the most surprising of the post-show romances was the coupling of Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules.

In some respects, the pairing wasn’t completely random  — after all, Victoria and Chris remain two of the franchise’s most controversial cast members.

But still, few could have predicted that these two would find their way to one another.

After all, there’s a 12-year age difference between them, and not only have they never appeared on the same season of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/The Bachelor In Paradise — they don’t even have a common cast member between them.

But whether they bonded over their bad reputations or they simply crossed paths on Instagram and decided the time was right for a quarantine-busting booty call, there was obviously a strong attraction between these two at some point.

Victoria made the trip to Chris’ farm in Iowa all the way from her hometown of Virginia Beach, and she stayed with the former Bachelor star for several weeks.

But they say all good things must come to an end, and apparently, that adage applies to completely random hook-ups, as well.

On Tuesday, Victoria posted the photo above along with a caption reading, “I’VE ESCAPED,”

And why did she tag fellow Bachelor alum Kelsey Weier?

Well, Kelsey makes her home in Des Moines, just 180 miles from Soules’ Iowa farm.

Kelsey Weier

It seems Victoria is touring the Midwest, and according to her Instagram Story, she and Kelsey enjoyed a glass of wine together that night.

(Hopefully, there were no champagne stealers on hand to spoil the occasion!) 

Of course, that happened only after several hours in which rumors about Victoria and Kelsey ran wild.

Was Fuller boasting that she’d "escaped" because Kelsey had also fallen into Chris’ man-trap?

Victoria Fuller Picture

Were Victoria and Kelsey planning to celebrate their newfound freedom by hooking up?!

Kelsey is probably a little conservative for all of that, but still — interesting choice of verb on Victoria’s part.

Did she really feel like she needed to escape from Chris’ property, or is she just being a bit dramatic?

If she and Kelsey decide to embark on a content-producing marathon like the other cast members who have teamed up, we might be finding out in the very near future!