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It looks like Farrah Abraham has found a way to profit off of the pandemic that she accuses Bill Gates of engineering. Or at least, she hopes to profit.

She’s advertising masks and enlisting Sophia’s help … even with the masks that make wildly inappropriate sex jokes.

The Hollywood Gossip

"Dong Joke Face Mask" may sound like one of Spongebob Squarepants’ distant relatives, but it’s a real thing and Farrah is selling them.

It looks like she’s trying to unload a tremendous amount of merchandise online.

While she’s not the only brand to try to profit while selling facemasks for use during the COVID-19 pandemic, most brands hire models.

Farrah models her own gear … and enlists the help of her 11-year-old daughter, Sophia, to model them too.

The Hollywood Gossip

Aside from questions about compliance with child labor laws, Sophia modeling most of the masks is fine.

Even the big red lips masks are mostly just silly.

Others are more stylish or more subdued, either featuring a splash of color or a nude tone.

But Farrah apparently made absolutely certain to include Sophia wearing the least age-appropriate mask that she could find.

One of the masks features the stylized image of a rooster followed by the printed word, "block."

It does not exactly take a cryptologist to work out that this means "cock block."

The term cock block refers to when a third party prevents two or more people from hooking up, often by being intrusive.

In this case, the joke of the masks appears to hinge upon a more literal form of "blocking."

While wearing a mask properly, it is clearly impossible to perform oral sex.

Social distancing guidelines say to remain six feet apart, so you shouldn’t be going down on anybody with whom you are not sheltering in place.

The joke of the mask is that the wearer cannot be handing out BJs left and right.

But was it appropriate for Farrah to have Sophia model this particular mask?

Failing Fast

In a word? No.

It’s probably safe to say that many 11-year-olds know that oral sex exists, whether through social media or a friend or an informative parent.

(In my generation, those who hadn’t worked it out for themselves learned about it when it made the national news during the Clinton years)

So knowing that it’s age-appropriate for some kids Sophia’s age is a far cry from making it something for mom’s and daughters to publicly joke about.

The Hollywood Gossip

If Farrah had been secretly recorded making a casual, vague joke about oral sex with Sophia, we could have let it go.

Some kids get "the talk" very early, some parents have different relationships with their kids, etc.

But that’s not what is happening here.

Farrah is using the shock value of her tween daughter having "cock block" strapped over her mouth in order to sell merchandise.

The Hollywood Gossip

At the end of the day, Farrah will never understand why this is wrong of her.

We have all seen, time and time again, that Farrah’s approach when confronted with her own wrongdoing is to disconnect from reality.

That, and launch into a word salad attack on anyone who dares to criticize her.

That said, it is not an excuse. Sophia deserves a good parent who cares more about her than selling her branded products.

The Hollywood Gossip

Farrah’s desire to make money is not what makes her a bad person.

Many things do that — one of which being the way that she consistently uses Sophia to advertise her brand.

Parents are supposed to make money for their kids, not the other way around.

And any products that a child does advertise should be age-appropriate. Dong jokes simply are not.