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Between social media and Rosemarie Vega speaking out, more and more 90 Day Fiance fans feel like they know the truth about Big Ed Brown.

But Ed himself says that people are just being vicious bullies to him, and hopes that he can prove that he’s a good guy.

Ed Brown is Worried and Confused

Ed Brown is a 54-year-old American photographer. His daughter is a grown adult.

Rosemarie Vega is a 23-year-old single mom whose family lives in almost unimaginable poverty.

From the start, Ed lied to Rosemarie about two things: his height and his intentions with regard to having children.

But hiding his plans for getting a vasectomy was not the end of why many fans are unhappy with Ed.

Ed Brown Stares Out the Window

Even once he and Rosemarie met up, Ed’s manner shocked and angered viewers.

Seeing him interrogate her about her sexual history was deeply disturbing.

Rosemarie opted to give Ed another chance, and they went above and beyond to get Ed accepted by her family.

Then Ed dropped the bombshell that, though she wants two more kids, he plans to have zero.

Rosemarie Vega Wants Two Children With Ed Brown

We still don’t know everything that happened between the filming of this season and now, of course.

It sounds like Ed and Rose are not in agreement over what happened after Ed returned to the US.

Maybe they tried to reconcile, maybe they didn’t.

Regardless, they have been taking shots at each other over social media.

Rosemarie Vega IG teases truth, youtube channel

Big Ed seems to absolutely love giving interviews, both in person before the pandemic put a stop to that, and also remotely.

Rosemarie, separated by language, time zones, and convenience, has not cropped up quite as much.

For that reason, she launched her own vlogging channel on YouTube and recently posted her first video.

As soon as she is allowed to disclose more of what she experienced, we’re sure that she will share exactly what she thinks of Ed.

Rosemarie Vega Models

It has been aggressively hinted and widely reported that they are broken up.

We mention all of this to explain why many fans are siding with Rosemarie and painting Ed as the villain.

The creepy age difference, the lies, and an apparent fixation on his 15 minutes of fame have alienated a lot of viewers.

And a lot of his harshest critics have told him exactly what they think of him.

Big Ed Brown Speaks In Quarantine April 2020

Ed has seen at least some of the harshest words that people have had for him, and is speaking out.

See, he’s going to come out with some merchandizing soon.

"A portion of my proceeds are going to be donated to online bullying because it just sucks and I’m tired of seeing it," Ed revealed.

"So I’m going to make whatever difference I can in this world," Ed explained, "by helping out in that manner."

Big Ed Brown Tries to Speak

Wow! Is Ed doing something nice, turning a crushing negative into a positive?

Or is he capitalizing upon negative criticism in order to sell products by making customers feel like it’s the same as charity?

It is easy to be cynical, and maybe that’s the right call where Ed is concerned.

But let’s look at it from another angle for a moment.

Ed Brown Speaks Frankly

Ed Brown is a disabled man. As we explained, the upper vertebrae of his spine are fused together.

This is why he appears to have no real neck, and it has hindered his overall height, making him shorter than even the tiniest adult Kardashian.

Since this season premiered, we here at THG have seen some truly appalling things said about him with regard to his appearance.

Even if people are bashing Ed for his behavior or for the sexual assault allegation against him, the appearance of a disabled man are off limits.

Big Ed Brown

No one should bully anyone for their appearance or disability, no matter what they have done.

That said … we’re not sure what Ed is or is not labeling as "bullying" with his announcement.

Because when you become a public figure like Ed, sometimes people will call you out on what they perceive about you and your behavior.

it’s not always fair, but ask any person who is truly grappling with bullying — it’s not the same.