Ed Brown: I'm The Biggest 90 Day Fiance Star of ALL TIME!

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Weeks ago, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days fans were asking themselves if Rosemarie would forgive Ed Brown for being such a jerk.

Now, viewers know the answer -- that she decided to give him another chance.

These days, fans are asking themselves a new question.

Can they forgive Big Ed for the rudeness (and creepyness) that he has displayed on the show?

Ed is not taking to fame well, especially when it comes to his "haters," whom he credits for making him the biggest, most authentic star on the franchise.

Now, multiple fellow stars are taking him to task and trying to deflate his over-inflated ego before it's too late.

1. Oh, no, Ed!

Oh, no, Ed!
Ed has landed himself in hot water with a lot of fans with his behavior on the show, but he's also portraying himself as a villain ... and getting under the skins of fans and castmates alike!

2. Ed's been through a lot, no question

Ed's been through a lot, no question
Recently, fans have seen him experience firsthand the extreme, unthinkable poverty of Rosemarie and her family, from the door-less shed in which they live to the barely-strung-together pig farm where her father lives.

3. Ed has gotten himself into trouble, too

Ed has gotten himself into trouble, too
For one thing, Ed was keeping a bunch of secrets from Rosemarie even before he flew out to see her.

4. And then ...

And then ...
Once he actually met up with her, the way that he demanded that she take an STI test (despite not being an unreasonable request, if given differently) and interrogated her about her sexual history was nothing short of vicious.

5. Fans changed their tunes about him

Fans changed their tunes about him
Ed's treatment of Rosemarie -- who would have been fully justified if she never spoke to him again -- was enough to make a lot of fans label him a villain.

6. Some took it too far, of course

Some took it too far, of course
Some have made fun of Ed's disability. The upper vertebrae of his spine are fused together, which is why he is less than 5 feet tall and why he appears to have little in the way of a neck. It also impairs his mobility.

7. That's not okay

That's not okay
Make fun of him putting mayonnaise in his hair all that you like, call him out for being a jerk to Rosemarie to your heart's content, but don't make fun of a person's disability, even if that person is bad. That makes YOU the douchecanoe.

8. But apparently, fame has gone to his head

But apparently, fame has gone to his head
After one single season of 90 Day Fiance, Ed Brown now thinks that he's the most important star that the franchise has ever seen.

9. Seriously, look at this

Seriously, look at this
In a comment captured by the ever-vigilant 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, Ed claims to be "the most authentic star [in] 90 Day Fiance history." He says that this is somehow the doing of all of his haters.

10. Baby Girl Lisa tried to set him straight

Baby Girl Lisa tried to set him straight
Lisa Hamme took to her own Instagram in the hopes of deflating Ed's ego as quickly as possible before his current douchecanoe status becomes permanent.

11. Here's what she wrote

Here's what she wrote
Basically, she explained to Ed that the real MVPs are the hardcore fans of 90 Day Fiance, without whom, the spinoff on which they are appearing would not exist at all. It is the memes and social media activity of fans that makes the show so widely discussed.

12. That was very well put

That was very well put
Baby Girl Lisa put it to Ed as gently as she possibly could after his over-the-top claim.

13. And what did she get for it?

And what did she get for it?
Apparently Ed BLOCKED Lisa after she tried to help him out. That is just ... bonkers.

14. Here comes Tim

Here comes Tim
Tim Malcolm is second only to Jon Walters when it comes to giving a scathing callout to fellow 90 Day Fiance stars when it is well deserved. As you can imagine, he quickly stepped up to the plate in this case.

15. For Tim, this is a numbers game

For Tim, this is a numbers game
BGL may have tried a gentle approach, but we all saw where that got her. So Tim just ran the numbers by Ed. The biggest, most controversial stars of the series -- like Larissa and Darcey -- have magnitudes of followers beyond what Ed has. There have been loving, genuine stories before Ed came along, but he's been letting this exposure from one season go to his head.

16. Will Ed dial it down a little?

Will Ed dial it down a little?
Let's hope that Tim is right and that it's just the quarantine getting to him. Ed may end up redeeming himself on this season (and we kind of hope so, after the public humiliation that he has endured), but that won't matter at all if he confirms himself as a villain on social media before the season even ends.

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