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There’s reason to believe that when Derick Dillard married Jill Duggar, he assumed he would never again have to worry about money.

Shortly after the wedding, Derick quit his job as an accountant at Wal-Mart, seemingly with the goal of becoming a full-time reality star, and/or living off his wife’s TLC earnings.

Jill and Derick Anniversary Pic
Photo via Instagram

Needless to say, neither of those things happened.

The trouble started in 2017, when Derick was fired from Counting On for harassing fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings on Twitter.

Shortly thereafter, Jill quit the show as a gesture of solidarity.

At the time, the move was regarded as a catastrophic misstep that left the Dillards with two kids to support and no income.

Jill Duggar Poses with Derick
Photo via Instagram

But these days, Derick is saying it didn’t really make any difference in his family’s financial situation, as Jim Bob kept all the money his kids earned, anyway.

Whatever the case, the fact remains that Derick is working as a Grub Hub driver these days, and he has been for several years.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that, especially in this economy.

It’s just probably not where Derick saw himself at this point in his career.

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar: Date Night!

To be fair, that’s not all Derick is doing with his time.

He’s also attending law school, and as Jill revealed on Instagram today, he just reached a milestone in his education.

Jill posted the photo below on Thursday afternoon, along with a congratulatory caption:

"…and….one hour ago this handsome papa wrapped up his second year of law school! Whoop! Whoop!" she wrote.

Derick Dillard, Almost-Lawyer
Photo via Instagram

"Now he’s on ‘break’ for a couple weeks before summer classes and job start!" Jill continued.

She added the captions, "#lawstudentlife #summer2020 #covid #2L #rising3L"

And she concluded with a confirmation that she and Derick are still living that #GrubLife:

"And we are off to deliver @grubhub together now," Jill wrote.

Derick Dillard For Grubhub
Photo via Instagram

This is surprising for a number of reasons.

For starters, we knew that Jim Bob Duggar thinks the coronavirus is a hoax, but we thought Jill and Derick were a little smarter than that.

Like, we can understand that one of them might have to work, but do they both need to break quarantine to deliver food?!

Derick Dillard, Samuel, and Isaiah on Halloween 2019
Photo via Instagram

Does that mean they have a sitter come over to watch their kids?!

And since when are Duggar women allowed to hold jobs?

We’re all for Jim Bob’s daughters getting out of the house and claiming their independence. 

But maybe the middle of a global pandemic is a good time to stay at home.