Rosemarie Vega: 90 Day Fiance Star Vows to Tell Fans the TRUTH About Ed Brown

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 4 introduced the world to Rosemarie Vega and Ed Brown.

He is 54. She is 23. By his own admission, Ed started off the relationship by lying about himself and his intentions.

Some fans adore Ed, some find his behavior disturbing. But what about Rose?

Recently, Rosemarie vowed to expose Ed Brown as a liar.

She had already accused him of being a dishonest creep who used her for fame.

Now, she has started her very own vlog to speak directly to fans.

It is here that Rose will speak her mind about Ed and more. You can see her first vlog entry below!

1. Rosemarie is speaking out!

Rosemarie is speaking out!
Ed Brown has been doing interview after interview and saying almost anything that he wants -- basically, anything that his contract with TLC will allow him to say so that he doesn't spoil the season.

2. The results are clear

The results are clear
Ed and Rosemarie do not appear to be together at this time. After the way that Ed has treated her on camera and off, that is no surprise.

3. Rose has found her voice

Rose has found her voice
She has become a vlogger, using YouTube to speak out -- in both English and in Bisaya, a language spoken in the southern Philippines (no, not everyone speaks Tagalog)

4. She released her first vlog!

She released her first vlog!
The style of it all is very cute, complete with intro music and glamorous footage and lighting filters and even some tasteful animations.

5. rosemarie vega vlogs 05 polaroid blue hearts

rosemarie vega vlogs 05 polaroid blue hearts

6. She starts at the beginning

She starts at the beginning
Rosemarie goes into her name -- she often goes by Rose. Some fans were actually wondering which was her name, so that's a good point of clarification.

7. Yes, this is her first vlog ever

Yes, this is her first vlog ever
At 23, she is right between Millennial and Gen Z (which side she falls on is debatable) and is the perfect age for vlogging. Plus, she's already famous, which gives her a leg up over plenty of YouTube hopefuls.

8. What's her purpose?

What's her purpose?
Yes, she plans to speak the truth, but Rose also wants fans to know her better, without the filter of TLC's cameras and editing or Ed's version of events.

9. She's telling all

She's telling all
As you will see here, there are some topics -- some responses to fan questions -- that she is saving for another time, when TLC will allow her to spill details.

10. But she still has plenty to say

But she still has plenty to say
Fans want to know more about Rosemarie. They've seen her, seen her son, seen her humiliated, and seen her family's home. But ... who is she?

11. So, the basics

So, the basics
Her full name is Rosemarie C Vega. 90 Day Fiance only ever shares people's first names, so this is good for fans who don't follow THG and perhaps had not seen her last name.

12. Yes, she's Filipina, but

Yes, she's Filipina, but
Specifically, she is from Caloocan City in the Philippines, which has a population of about one and a half million people.

13. She is very proud of who she is

She is very proud of who she is
We're sure that Rose saw some horrible and hurtful comments about the extreme poverty that her family experiences, but she is proud of her identity and wants fans to know it.

14. But enough about her stats

But enough about her stats
What makes her feel happy and fulfilled?

15. The answer is obvious

The answer is obvious
Rosemarie absolutely adores her son, Prince. He is her only child and he is her whole world.

16. About Prince ...

About Prince ...
He is 4 years old and in some sort of early-age schooling (she refers to it as Kinder A).

17. Now, Rose is new to vlogging

Now, Rose is new to vlogging
She includes this one very cute moment where she sort of lost track of what she was saying or how she was saying it. Speaking in two languages for your fans is not always easy.

18. What else does she enjoy?

What else does she enjoy?
Rose also shares that she loves motivational messages, inspirational films, and, in general, things that fill her with the positivity that she craves.

19. What can she do for her son?

What can she do for her son?
Rose affirms that everything that she does and will do, she does for her son, to give him a good life and a better future. She admits that she does not exactly know how.

20. Rose also has some advice!

Rose also has some advice!
Rosemarie may not be the first person to whom fans look for advice, on the grounds that she is 23 years old, but that doesn't mean that people aren't interested in what she has to say.

21. She is SO proud

She is SO proud
Rose has some very affirming words, as you can see in the video below, to all of the other single moms in the world. She knows that it is a lot of work.

22. Her biggest advice?

Her biggest advice?
Rose suggests that single moms like her, when they are not sure of their path, "trust to god" to steer them in the right direction.

23. That is not so surprising

That is not so surprising
About 70% of the US population identifies as Christian. In the Philippines, missionaries were very successful, and the nation is approximately 94% Christian. In religiously homogeneous communities, religious differences have more to do with degree of adherence than what religion people are. It is possible that Rosemarie has not considered how many 90 Day Fiance viewers hold very different beliefs than her own.

24. Here is the video

You can view the full video on Rosemarie's YouTube channel, but here is a clip.

25. Wait, so what about Ed Brown?

Wait, so what about Ed Brown?
Rosemarie isn't delving into that topic yet. She clearly wants to wait until she is free to speak out ... and she probably wants to rack up some more YouTube subscribers before that.

26. Ed is likely to clap back

Ed is likely to clap back
Ed seems to LOVE his dose of fame and giving interviews, so 90 Day Fiance fans fully expect to hear him respond to Rose's eventual statements about him. She's already called him a liar and accused him of using her. We can only imagine that she will have much more to say as time goes on.

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