Amy Roloff: I Don't Live with Chris Marek. And Here's Why.

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Amy Roloff surprised some fans late last month when she made the following admission:

The Little People, Big World star is not living with Chris Marek.

Yes, the same Chris Marek to whom she's engaged.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Celebrate

Marek asked for Roloff's hand in marriage way back in September, but the blessed development is back in the news these days because recent episodes of the aforementioned TLC reality show were filmed months ago.

As a result, viewers are only just now getting a look at what went down between Marek and Roloff.

Both sides are naturally thrilled over their romantic agreement, which is why Amy took many followers aback when she made her living arrangement confession.

With Each Other

“No, we’re not living together full time,” Amy revealed on her April 22 chat, adding of her finace;

“He is over about four days and three nights, or something like that. We definitely hang out. But he still has his house."

Amy moved off her family's farm late last year after selling her portion of the property to ex-husband Matt.

She has since expressed a bit of trepidation and sadness over having to find her own new home -- and yet she and Chris appear to have never discussed the idea of her simply shacking up instead with her future husband.

At Home with Chris

How come?

Amy cited her need for independence in her Instagram Live session.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this in my entire life -- a big financial purchase like this on my own, by myself," Amy explained.

"Yes, Chris is a part of my life, but this was really my decision and so I kind of told him, ‘Can I just have a little space, just to be in this house all by myself, to relish in the fact that it’s me?’”

Amy Roloff Just Chills

Amy is, of course, isolating from nearly all her loved ones these days as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

She misses her kids dearly, but does often have Chris by her side. Despite the separate residences.

“We have enjoyed the time just getting to know each other on this level being together,” Amy told her followers, adding:

“Having him overnight and [figuring out] our quirks and our dislikes. [And] how can we let something that may have bothered us before not bother us now.”

In Love with Chris

Amy and Chris will get married in 2021.

They haven't discussed many details of their big day with the public, with the exception of this:

Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, will receive an invite.

But they highly doubt the couple will attend, nor do Chris and Amy seem to want them to attend.

Can anyone really blame them?

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