Amy Roloff Responds: Is Matt Invited to Her Wedding?

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There is tension on Roloff Farms.

This has been made very clear on new episodes of Little People, Big World, as Amy and Matt Rolfof clash over the state of their shared property.

At Home with Chris

But are things really that bad between the former spouses?

Speaking to Us Weekly in promotion of fresh episodes of her family's TLC series, Amy was joined by fiance Chris Marek when the topic of their impending wedding was broached.

Specifically, the couple was asked whether Amy would invite her ex-husband to the proceedings.

The obvious answer for most folks would be a resounding heck no -- but Amy and Matt have not operated like typical ex-lovers for a long time, continuing to work together and even live close to each other in the years since their divorce.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on Facetime

So, back to the question posed above...

“It’s not like they’re not going to be invited,” Amy said of Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, while Marek noted that he and Amy “have the impression that it’s not something” Matt and Chandler are likely “interested” in attending.

In other words:

Amy and Chris don't really want Matt and Caryn in attendance, but they also want credit for being magnanimous enough to invite the couple.

Very well played here.

With Each Other

“They’re welcome if they’d like to come,” Marek continued.

“We don’t want anyone coming to our wedding out of obligation. The wedding is supposed to be about good friends and close family.

"I like Matt; I get along with him fine — and Caryn. But we’re not friends that hang out. We don’t do things together.”

The relationship between Amy, her fiance, her ex-husband and his girlfriend has been a major focus of Little People, Big World so far in 2020.

In Love with Chris

Chandler has been featured a great deal on recent episodes, and she even spoke to Us Weekly this month about whether or not she gets along with Amy and Chris.

“Time heals, and so everything is moving in a good trajectory right now,” Chandler said about where things stand between her and her boyfriend's ex-wife, adding of Amy and Marek's engagement:

"I’m super, super happy for them. I think that this is something Amy wanted, and I’m glad for her...

"I care for her. I hope that she’s happy.”

Amy Roloff Loves Chris

"They would be invited, but I wouldn’t expect them to come because of what they expressed in the past," Amy reiterated about Matt and Caryn.

"But the past is the past. Things can change in the future. We’ll see.”

Marek proposed to Amy in September, popping the big question while out to celebrate the couple's three-year dating anniversary.

They will get married at some point in 2021.

With Her Man

As for Matt and Caryn?

What will happen when they get engaged, which sounds like an inevitability?

Amy confessed that she “would not expect” to score an invitation from Matt and Chandler if the duo were to ever walk down the aisle.

"You want to start your new relationship with the people that are going to be part of [it],” she explained, adding that she would only attend “out of support for my kids” and to “wish” her former spouse the best on his new chapter in life.

Amy Roloff in Idaho

Amy and Matt were married from 1987 to 2016.

They are parents to Zach Roloff, 29, Jeremy Roloff, 29, Molly Roloff, 26, and Jacob Roloff, 23.

Matt went public with his romance with Chandler -- someone who knows Amy well after working as the family farm manager for years -- in 2017.

"I would not say I’m friends with her,” Amy has said of Caryn.

“To me, there’s enough history there that that would take a very, very long time. But like Matt [does with Chris], I’ll still be respectful and cordial to her. She’s going to be around my kids, my grandkids.

"This is who Matt, knowing someone for quite some time, will probably eventually marry.”

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